Monday, May 17, 2010

Out of the blue!

Today is Sugar Free Day # 8, also known as Day #1 of Sugar Free Week #2!
That statement has many numbers.
So! I also had a tooth pulled today. It was a molar that, supposedly I had had a partial root canal done on in my early high school days. Though, today, I found out that this isn't so. My parents may have been charged for and paid for a partial (if not full) root canal, but my new dentist showed me the current x-ray. There was no root canal. Never was. No wonder I didn't think it was that bad. Huh.
At any rate, I had this tooth pulled today and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I wasn't put under; only local anesthetic was used, and, ultimately, they had to break it out. This didn't bother me a bit, seeing as I had broken the tooth (stupidly) the night before the filling masquerading as a root canal happen upon my mouth. My dentist and his assistant are very sweet people. In fact, I never have any issues with doctors, nurses, dentist and assistants in the clinic where I am a patient. I find that my nervously cheery attitude carries very well into medical situations. If any of them are ever having a bad day when they're treating me, I've never noticed!
My kitchen is lightly stocked with juiceable items as well as soft foods. I don't want to over-stock, as I'm afraid of eating myself into oblivion. What I have, though is all naturally sweet (frozen orange juice and grape fruit concentrates and frozen blueberries, blackberries, mangoes and pitted cherries, Tazo Cinnamon tea with licorice root, Vermont applesauce(sans added sugars) and pure carrot juice) or savory but not salty (Cream of Wheat and organic veggie broth.) Difficult to get used to, but not impossible. *^_^*
Then, just as the numbness wore off, my dentist called to ask me if I'd be willing to be his patient for an exam he has to take in June.
"Sure! I wouldn't mind!"
"It's in Boston."
"That's fine."
"The exam is at seven in the morning."
"Ok." Was he trying to talk me out of it, now?
"I'll pay you for your time and, if you'd like, I'll book you a room in the area of the exam. It's in downtown Boston."
"That's fine." I smiled through the phone.
"You are such a nice person!"
Did I mention how sweet my dentist is? :P So, he's coming to talk to me about it on Wednesday at the farm. We've scheduled for lunchtime, so I won't be doing it on my bosses' dimes. I wouldn't anyway, but this makes it a little more appropriate if he's coming on a day that I'm working. We'll settle things then (he'll tell me what to expect and, I'm assuming where he'll be putting me up.) Pretty sweet! A night in Boston paid for by my dentist and more free dental work! If only I could bring someone with me. I wonder, if he's offered all of this already if he'll mention that I can bring someone. *shrugs* It's already a pretty sweet deal; I don't want to push my luck with Lady Fortuna.


  1. Glad your tooth pulling experience wasn't too bad (I totally sympathise with having teeth pulled lol). I thought you might like a Sunshine Blogger award - I've nominated you :-)

  2. perhaps you got your root canal directions wrong and it was a different tooth??
    having a nice dentist makes all the difference, i think. i loved going to the dentist when i was younger. (now i'm just embarrassed to go!)
    ***as a sister, be careful****

  3. Dare I say that all this, is sweeeeeeeeeeet?!? Well, other than the fake root canal work of course. But the rest is..... sweeeeeet! ,-)

    The nicest kind of sweet.



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