Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

Day two and, even though I still mourn the loss of chocolate, sweet and light coffee and tea and chips from my diet, I'm feeling grand! Knowing that there will be no dessert (except for a piece of fruit if I really must have something sweet) forces me to slow down and savor my food.
On my way home from work, I stopped at the the store and picked up a three-pack of portabella mushroom caps. Lightly "fried" in olive oil with some light seasoning, these buggers can taste like a burger! They've got an amazing, meaty, deep flavor that goes great with brown rice. So, I fried one up, threw my mixed vegetables in to thaw and seer them, then tossed in the brown rice.
It was heavenly! The beans, having been lightly fried had a creaminess that really shined through and enhanced the flavors of the other veggies, rice and, of course, the mushroom. I enjoyed it thoroughly, as it was a nice change from just rice, beans and veggies.
That was followed by a banana a half an hour later. My eating for the day was complete by 7:30. And, might I toot my own horn? I am quite proud of myself. Quite proud, indeed. *^_^*


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