Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have been chosen!

Thank you, Wizardess Epi, for my Life is Good award. *^_^* Life is good, isn't it? (As I typed that, the sun shone through my stained glass pentagram!) Also, thanks for the insight into your life! What fun!

Alright, your questions, my answers.

1. What is your favorite dinosaur? You must choose even if you don't really like them at all. But I bet you do like them :)

~I love the brontosaurus! Triceratops aren't bad, but everyone knows "three horns never play with long necks!"

2. What is your favorite gemstone?

~Moonstone. It amazes me that each incarnation can look so different, yet, when I'm near moonstone jewelry, I somehow zero in on it amongst all the other bits and bobs.

3. Does Mercury in retrograde affect you?

~It doesn't seem to...when I'm not aware that it's going on, it might. But if I know it's happening, would I subconsciously make it right? Hmmm...

4. Owl or lark?

~I've never really had any specific connection or feeling one way or the other toward larks. A adore all birds, being flighty myself... However, for the sake of wisdom, knowledge and its species' wide variety, I say owl.

5. Dogs or cats?

~This is a hard one for me. I love cats. Love, love, love 'em! Ever since I lived with my ex and his darling pooch, Rosie, I have a growing love of dogs. Now, ask me what breed and I couldn't tell you, but medium sized are the most fun! *^_^*

6. Hedgehogs or hamsters?

~I've never owned either, and I love all animals dearly. Again, though, forced to choose, hedgies! Hamsters are cute, too, but the exotic excites me!

7. Daisies or roses?

~Gerbera daisies were all over my nightmares when I worked at a flower shop for about a year (more or less.) Not really, but they are just done to death! Roses even more so. So...
Light blue Forget-Me-Nots!

8. Squirrels or chipmunks?

~They're both so adorable!!!! Chipmunks, though. Squirrels get a little too hoardy and suspicious, if you ken my meaning.

9. If you could BE a movie star, who would you be?

~Nicole Kidman, in a heartbeat. Then I'd drop that sorry Keith Urban and get me a real man properly befitting my status, beauty, charm and fame!

10. If you could DO a movie star, who would you do?

~Ooh! At the moment, I would say Lee Pace. However, I wouldn't mind a bit of James Mcavoy...

Now, I'm supposed to give the award to 6 bloggers and ask them to answer ten questions of my making. However, as I've said before, I'm not really much of an award presenter. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's the decision making (hard because I'm a Libra and I think everyone deserves all of the awards, anyway...) Maybe it's the weather? I dunno.
Anyway! I cherish each and every one of you darlings that see fit to follow my ramblings (whenever I choose to ramble on...) Pick and choose or answer all ten! Have at them!

1.) Do you feel out of place in our time?
2.) What do you wish you had more time in your day/week/month/year/lifetime to accomplish? (Choose whatever space of time you'd like!)
3.) Do you have any regrets?
4.) What "stupid" decision did you make that, given the opportunity you would choose/do again?
5.) Is age just a number?
6.) Choose one: You wake up one morning to find yourself living in a world of complete, perfect harmony. Everything you could possibly want and/or need appears with a mere thought. You live here with only your family and you'll never see your friends again.
You wake up one morning to find yourself living in a world of complete, perfect harmony. Everything you could possibly want and/or need appears with a mere thought. You live here with only your friends and you'll never see your family again.
7.) Hand puppets or marionettes?
8.) You're Baba Yaga and there is no possible way the children can get away from you. Who do you eat first: Hansel or Gretel?
9.) If you could eat whatever you want for the rest of your life, not have to exercise and never experience any adverse effects (weight gain/loss/any sorts of disease/etc.), with the only consequence being your inability to read and write, would you take it or leave it?
10.) Medieval or Renaissance?

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