Friday, October 14, 2011


My geekness has been harassing me nearly non-stop for the past two days. She wants to delay the trip to Ireland so that we can go to San Diego Comic Con instead, next year.

-companion will not make definite plans
-companion not physically able to go for long periods of time
+definitely travel with someone
+look for faeries
+see the sacred wells
+kiss the Blarney Stone (yes, I know what the locals do to it...)
+real vacation

Comic Con:
-would have to find companions
-more expensive than overseas travel
+see celebrities
+see California (well, part of it.)
+be a part of one of THE BIGGEST conventions in the world
+near other theme/amusement parks that I've always wanted to visit
+real vacation

Ireland, obviously the victor by greater number of pros, calls. Then again, I love conventions. I get that sense of, "I'm seeing/learning/doing things that really resonate with one of my bigger interests." Yet again, Ireland will most likely sync with those feelings pertaining to another, main interest of mine.

Grrr... so frustrating! If I had at least one or two other people interested in going to Comic con with me, this wouldn't even be an issue! I'd have begun making plans by now. Harumph! Indeed!

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