Friday, September 16, 2011

Normally, I'd say, "Nothing," but...

So, my birthday is fast approaching. (October 5th, for those of you not in the know.) No one has asked the seemingly obligatory question that pops up whenever a birthday nears; "What do you want for your birthday." While I never expect anything because we all have bills to pay and reasons we're saving, and I haven't been much of a gift-giver myself for the past few years, I usually reply, "Nothing. Thank you, but I just want to get together with everyone on a day that works for us all. Nothing fancy." To be honest, I think I started using this response when I was old enough to see that my parents were always wrestling with financial issues. I didn't need more stuff, and they certainly didn't need to tackle the whole, "what should we get Renee this year" bit.
I digress.
While no one has asked me, I had planned to respond in the usual way. It would be fun to get together for a lunch date at the Common Ground or early dinner at the Indian place I love (but rarely visit because they are a tad bit pricey...) Also, every year since I was 12, the Saturday or Sunday closest to my birthday would be spent wandering the grounds at King Richard's Faire. I had my first French kiss there on my 18th birthday trip. It was knight at the joust! But that's another story. So, I've got that planned for the 2nd (since the 5th is a Wednesday, I figured it would be more fun to go before my birthday, rather than after.) I know for a fact that Sister Steph will be along for that trip. Have yet to find out if anyone else will be joining us. (I know it's not really your thing, Sister Jen and Auntie, but let me know if you guys want to come along, as well. *^_^*)
ANYWAY! I keep getting off track...
If someone asks me what I want, this year, it will be the usual "nothing," followed by, "but if you feel the NEED to get me something (which I really, truly and honestly would not be upset if I didn't get anything, mind you), I wouldn't mind getting some taxidermy insects."
I'm not even kidding! Check out this awesome bunch I found in an eBay search.
My eBay search for bugs!
So cool! I can just see my walls lined with shadow boxes full of these beauties!
But, you know, I'm really just as happy getting together with my lovely friends/family!!
Really. Again, I'm not kidding. *~_^*


  1. i think bugs are a great gift!! i've gotten some for jason...he got a framed set of boll weevels (sp) on our first trip to vegas. and i got him a really cool scarab for xmas last year.
    i'm not into the faire but i'd love to do a little get together around your birthday if you do, so let me know so i can try to make it work! my work schedule is getting a bit weird with the holidays coming (well, you know how retail and holidays work...thanksgiving is 'right around the corner' for us! gotta make room for the turkeys!) but maybe i can swing lunch or something. (jason's birthday is tomorrow...42!)

  2. I think you showed me the scarab! So neat!!! I love their iridescence. I think lunch or dinner would be fab! (We'll have more room at the farm soon because of Thanksgiving. :P) How's about your tell me what you and Jason's availability looks like and we can go from there? Tell him I said Happy Birthday!!!


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