Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pagan Pride!

Why have I not gone to Pagan Pride Day before? Honestly, there is no answer to this question. No excuses. None. I can tell you one thing, though; I won't be missing another ever again!

This year's Guest Speaker was Mr. Raven Grimassi. Now, I have one of his books (Encylopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft. Second edition, if you must know.) I thought that I had bought it in 2008. However, the "bookmark" I have been using is the original receipt of purchase. This revealed, upon closer inspection that it was actually bought in 2004. My books are well-loved, but equally, if not more passionately taken care of. Books, I think, deserve all of the respect and care that went into making them (writing, designing, binding, etc.) So, when I brought the tome with me today, I thought, "If I meet Raven, I'll ask him if he'll sign my book for me." Then, I kept talking myself out of it with thoughts of "He'll see it and think that I just bought it! No one believes that I use my books as often as I do!" Well, when I met him later in the day, I was pleased to hear him tell me that he'd be glad to sign it for me! So, when my friends and I went back to our cars to unload items and grab other things, I giddily grabbed my book. He was still at the booth when we returned to the vendor area, so, as previously promised, Mr. Grimassi signed my book! One of my friends offered to take a picture, and I asked Mr. Grimassi if that would be alright. Not only was he kind and willing, he walked out into the sunlight for a better shot! He is such a sweet, gifted man, and I was so thrilled by our encounters today. His talk on manifesting consciousness was fantastic and so enlightening! He would stop and give us opportunities to ask questions or make comments, then go on. Mr. Grimassi's style of public speaking is informative, but presented in such a way as to help the listener/participant feel as if they were having the conversation over coffee. Little wonder; the man has had a lifetime of practice! His signing, talk and little side chats throughout the afternoon were the highlights of my day. I'll be sure to post the picture when my friend sends me a copy.

Of course, my fangirl is showing, but I had a marvelous time overall involving many other facets of the Southeastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day! I met another great man who was doing reading and healings. Come to find that he is from the Ojibwa Tribe of Native Americans (like my family and me), and the grandfather of a friend of mine! Go figure! I hope to tap into some of his tribe knowledge, as my family's ability to pass that on has gone with my great-grandmother to the grave and my grandmother into her Alzheimer's laden mind. Mr. O'Berry teaches at a place called the "Wigwam" in Onset, MA.

One of the vendors, FaireyCrowns (tm) makes these really gorgeous faerie crowns with silk flowers, silver wiring and natural and precious stones. You know me, folks; I loves me some faerie shinnies! Unable to resist, my gal pal and I each tried one on. My went beautifully with what I wore (Fall colors, yeah!), and my friend's red crown really made the blue of her eyes pop! Afterwards, I offered to model for her if she ever had need of one. Well! Wouldn't you know it? She's re-building her website very soon and took my info right down! She said that she and her photographer would even come to the Cape for me, so start scoping out some scenery! Lovely! Even better; she's going to barter my modeling for that very crown I tried on! For a fae like me, watching what she's buying so she can save money to get to Ireland to see the scared wells and visit a few wee folks at theirs mounds, that was a deal! I would love to support her monetarily, but $130.00 was just too rich for my blood. So, it just works out perfectly! I'm really looking forward to modeling for her, and feel blessed to be able to acquire one of her amazing works of wearable art. For a crown like the one I tried on, she said it would take her about three months to complete (very start to very end!) Now, that is a labor of love.Link


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I have done a few workshops with Raven & Stephanie, his wife. They really complement each other with their teaching styles. V. smart to trade modeling for a fae crown!

  2. Have you?! That sounds like a marvelous experience! It was all so laid back and friendly. I loved it and hope that he'll be back sometime for more classes...maybe something that can go longer than 45 minutes... :P
    The crown is gorgeous! When I've got the info/picture, I'll be sure to post them.


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