Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look at me!!!

My generation has this odd, almost ingrained behavior and need for the world to give all of its attention to whatever we may be doing at any given time. While I realize that not every person of my age bracket is a part of this narcissistic wavelength, I feel that it is not easily escaped by most. Sadly, my need for attention stems from this generational quirk. Then again, my need to have loads of alone time helps temper the irrational itch for constant attention.
What brought this on? *shrugs* I don't really know, but why is it there? Why are all of these social media sites so necessary and when did meeting people in public without a machine attached to your head become an obsolete form of communication? When did every little thought become so important? Even here and now I'm doing it; "Read my blog! I'm saying something important!!! Look at me!!!"
Perhaps my love of fantasy and my belief in nearly all things magical were born of this strange need for consideration. When someone tells you, "I believe in faeries," honestly, what is your typical reaction? I can tell you that, when I feel that I've known someone long enough to tell them of my beliefs, I wonder if they will stick around much after the fact. Even though I know how crazy I sound to the typical "get up, live my life, go to bed, die" sort of people I see everyday, I risk it. Why? Am I looking for attention? This leads me to wonder, "Do I really believe these things, or am I simply so practiced at grasping for attention that I've gotten to the point that I'll get it any way I can?"
Also, at the risk of sounding brusque and boorish, I often wonder if I am mildly, cognitively impaired. What are your thoughts? You, my fine readers, immerse yourselves in fantasy daily. Have you had these thoughts? What have been your conclusions?


  1. you are entitled to believe whatever you like...as long as you aren't judging others for their beliefs, or for not believing in what you believe.
    that said, people change as they grow. some things stick, some don't. it is up to you to evolve and decide for yourself what matters to you, what makes sense to you, and what things you used to like/belive in don't seem to 'do it' for you anymore.
    life is a journey, and growing up is a process. sometimes things get altered along the way, including our likes/dislikes and most things that drive us.
    good luck searching within yourself to find out who you really are.

  2. Great insight, jen. Thanks! One thing that upsets me about the things in which I believe is the constant push of adults on children. "Stop being silly; those things don't exist" and so on. But children and animals see, hear and experience things adults that have shut themselves off from cannot.

  3. the best part of being an adult is being able to choose your own path and things that make you happy. you are virtually free to answer to no one but yourself...within reason, of course! :)


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