Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boys! Boys! Boys!

What a complete about-face! My love life, as you well know, dear readers, has been an open book for all to read. It's just the sort of person I am. Kiss and tell, don't kiss but tell about it anyway, don't have anyone to kiss or get kissed by, don't care about kisses! It's all been here. Honestly, every time I've changed jobs, I've told myself it will be different. My personal life will remain personal.
Nope. Doesn't happen. I like gabbing, I guess.
Right now, I'm too lazy to go back and look, but I think that my last post about being single was probably one of my "I am woman; hear me roar! I don't need a man!!" rants. We've all felt that pang of loneliness that can't be filled by friends or family. Deny if you must, but we've all felt it.
Let me tell you: when it rains, it pours! That old chestnut speaks volumes of truth. Not one, but two coworkers and a friend have fellas they think would be good with/for me. That's three guys! All in the space of one month! So far, I've only met two. One doesn't really have a whole lot of time on his hands, but he is such a gentleman. And handsome! (Think Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride, or more accurately Robin Hood: Men in Tights. This guy's got a gotee. Oh! How I love gotee's when adored by the right kinds of faces!) We've had a few opportunities to meet up and have some fun, some serious, but always lovely conversations. The more we chat, the more I can see that we have in common. There are a couple of aspects of his life that aren't major parts of mine, but I don't want to date myself and have every little thing in common with my guy. We must have some differences. And this man and I do. I like him. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel pretty. Even though we don't get to see each other very often, I'm actually quite content. I wasn't sure if he actually liked me, at first. But after we had a little conversation, we both realized that we were doing exactly what we thought the other was doing: pushing each other away. That simply wasn't the case.
The second guy is nice enough. We seem to have a few things in common, as well. I'm not feeling the "spark" I felt instantly with the first guy, but I haven't really had as long to get to know #2, either. We'll see where these fellas go.
#3 sounds nice. I'm told he's handsome with a dark sense of humor. That will complement my humor nicely.
I like the fact that the Universe has suddenly thrown me into the dating scene with such vigor! The guys are all so different, but still hold such possibility for me. My intent is never to change someone so they become my perfect "other." I want someone who can be with me as I am, while I can be with him as he is. Harmony in contentment; that is my wish for whichever man with whom I end up becoming seriously involved. And who, dear reader, can really want more than that?


  1. I think what makes my-Jason's relationship work is the balance between what we have in common and what we don't. It's especially important if you like having time to yourself...
    Good luck with your boys,boys,boys :) can't wait to see how it all pans out...and maybe even meet one! ;)

  2. I completely agree. I had another date yesterday with #2, and we had a great time talking about all of the things we do have in common. I'm still not really attracted to him, but I can see, with time, it could go somewhere. As for #1, I was only able to see him for a few minutes last night, as he wasn't feeling very well at all.
    When schedules clear up, I intend to have each over for fun times, so you'll have an opportunity to meet them. *^_^*


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