Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forget It

We all deserve to be with someone who wants to be with us, right? Well, I'm giving up on Fella #1 after today. Long story short, I propose plans quite a lot, but he, for one reason or another turns them down. So, for that reason, I'm done with him. If there is any further texting (because calls just don't happen), it'll be initiated by him. That being the case, it's pretty much over and done. I don't see him taking that step. His interest has obviously waned, and I'm cutting myself loose.
It's the fourth of July, though, and there is fun to be had downtown, tonight. So, I invited #2 to join us at the boat contest. Should be good. #3 now has my number, and lives considerably nearer than #s 1 and 2. This summer is getting quite dramatic and frustrating interesting.
Stay tuned.


  1. No relationship should need that much work. Good for you for moving on.
    Have fun!!!

  2. Again; agreed. *^_^* I've also gone ahead and told #2 that I'm just not feeling it with him, but I'd like to keep hanging out as friends. He agreed that we have fun and would also like to keep meeting up for fun summer times. Mini-golf tonight after work! Still waiting to hear from #3...who has now become #1, or, really, the only one. :P


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