Monday, March 11, 2013

I Give You...

I promise you many things, dear readers. I would like to think that most of the time, I deliver. So, after quite a long time, I have here some pictures of a little, light "renovation" to Witch Cottage. This afternoon, I finally began painting the walls of the living room. So, please excuse the mess. Without further ado, in progress pictures of Operation: Witch Cottage Face-Lift.

Here, we have some furniture put back for the time being.

The white left from the floor going four feet up the walls, will be crisp, white beadboarding. Of course, this is the only painting I did today, as I got a bit of a late start. But tomorrow, I will finish painting the rest of the room and post photos.

The lower part of the far, back wall (behind the blanket chest) will be a low bench/storage box built off of the wall below the window. I also plan to build bookshelves into that. Looking at the photos, the far left corner will have corner shelves for my dvds, cds and any books that don't fit into the bench shelving unit. I am very excited about all of this!

Also, I can tell you that I plan to post my first English Composition paper sometime, probably this week. I received a 93, and my professor asked me why I am taking the class! Love it! Who knew? (Well, most of you knew, actually.) Have a great night, all! I'll do my best to post more progress pictures tomorrow.

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