Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm leaving this afternoon for Boston! Woot! I'll be enjoying fun in the sun...but mostly indoors at the convention center. Yea! for Otaku life! What! Yee-ah, biznatch!
Okay, sorry, I just let a little of my nerdcore out. My b.
Have a grand weekend, everyone! I hope your weather is as magnificent as ours and for those of you who are having flooding issues, I wish you the driest weekend ever! *^_^* Also, for those of you who celebrate the bastardized version of Ostara, Happy Easter! Jesus is a zombie, but zombies are people, too.


  1. You are friggin' hysterical! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Boston, my favorite city as a matter of fact! Have a great time!

    We celebrated Ostara on March 20th and I've been answering questions from every effing family member on why my son already was visited by the Easter Bunny. My reply? What the eff do eggs and bunnies have to do with Christ rising? ::::crickets::::

  2. NICE! YOU are awesome! *^_^* I know; I love that Spring has already come and gone, yet all of the welcoming symbols are two weeks "late" on the Christian calendar. Haha! Give 'em heck, inannasstar!


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