Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone. Anyone?

Can anyone reveal the secret to asking a guy out? Well, getting up the nerve to do it, anyway. I have been trying to ask this one guy out for several months, now, to no avail. Each time we talk, it seems that we have common interests. I always come so close to uttering those seemingly simple words; "Do you want to go out for coffee, sometime?" Yet, when the conversation reaches that point, nothing. Nothing at all. I have been given tons of ideas on how to do it (thank you all.) I have psyched myself up to "just do it" when I get there. Then, my nerves kick in. We have a pleasant, short conversation, and I'm gone; without a date.
Is there some spell somewhere to just skip this part? (Kidding, of course, but wouldn't it be a dream?!)
Just ranting. Totally rhetorical here, folks.


  1. Maybe you cant mutter the words because its not the right time?

  2. Let the air out of your tire and make sure you don't have a spare. Then ask him if he will help you get your tire somewhere you can get air. ;-)


    Good Luck

  3. Talk to him, ask him out if you feel you can do it, but if you can't do it, then text or email him asking him out immediately afterward. Technology! Helping chicken people (like me) everywhere!

  4. Kat~That's what my aunt just told me. *sigh* I don't want to admit it, but...maybe...
    Anastasia~Not a bad idea, but I can't even ask him if he wants to get coffee. Oh, poo. *U_U*
    Wizardess epi~I don't have his number or email.
    The upside, gals? I'm acquainted with one of the people he works with; we graduated together. Maybe I can talk him up to see if the guy I like in interested. UGH! It's all so "high school!"

  5. maybe subconsciously you are afraid that you will not like him irl as you do as you have imagined him. you know, from working in retail and coffee, that sometimes people are not the same outside of work.
    easier said than done, but just keep telling yourself: ask him out. if he's not the bee's knees, then that's okay.
    of course, i've been in a relationship since i was 21, so...my advice probably means jack!
    good luck, anyway!
    oh, and i say use that common friend to your advantage, for sure!

  6. I will tell you a guy's point of view.

    If you have spent so much time chatting, shooting the breeze and have so many things in common. HE would have already asked you out.
    If he hasn't, he is NOT interested.

    Save yourself the heartache...and embarrassment.

    There WILL be someone fantastic for you.

    yours sincerely

  7. Thank you, k! That really means a lot. I have guy friends telling me to do it, but they never tell me how they would handle the situation. I appreciate all of the "well-wishing" and pep talks, but I guess I was really waiting to hear what I had already, internally, figured out: "he's just not that into me." And that's okay! *^_^* Thanks again, k.

  8. R of the F~

    Never let a guy tell you that he likes a girl to ask them out.
    That is horrendous advice...and a REAL guy would be intimidated by it.

    From a REAL perspective of the guy. A REAL guy-

    First~ the type of guy who'd like a girl to ask her out will use her for the "one " thing.

    A REAL guy will think the girl desperate that she has to ask a guy out. And desperate girls have dated real losers in the past.

    A REAL guy does not want a girl with a history of super losers in her past. That means the girl is a nitwit, a loser herself or someone with self esteem problems.

    The world is full of all types of guys. A lot of them have forgotten what a real guy is or never have been taught. I do NOT mean a "REAL" guy is someone who is a testosterone freak on the outside or inside.

    Listen to the voice inside.
    Remember too, when you see red flags...heed them and walk away.

    DR. K

  9. Dr. K, that's REAL insight! *~_^* Thanks so much for that. I've said before that I wouldn't mind being single for the rest of my life, if it means I'll stay true to myself. Having your reasoning out there makes all the more sense to this end. Not saying I'll never find anyone, but if it means being who I am without compromise or being a "nitwit," I'll take the former, thanks. Haha! Thank you again for your advice. I have to admit that I agree and I'm paying more and more attention to my instincts every day. That is, after all, part of the whole of "the witch I want to be."

  10. R of the F~

    I misclassified nitwit. Girls who are nitwits, dingbats, ditzy are some of the most frustratingly fun and adorable types a guy likes.
    Nitwits are good people.


  11. K,
    Heh! I didn't take your comment to mean me, or to sound highfalutin! I know a few dingbats, myself. They can be fun, but I can't say I'd want to be one. :P

  12. R of the F
    Oh! Snap!

    I wish I were highfalutin! You get to wear cool hats and expensive shoes!



    I am having the worst time with emoticons..meh!


  13. Well, hey! if that's all it takes to get me a pair o' Jimmy Choo's, I'll highfalute to best of 'em! *~_^*


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