Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've held myself back long enough.

It's time to tell the Universe exactly what I want and let it come. It works with money; I told the Universe that I wanted $1500.00 collectively (yes, you have to be specific) back for my tax return this year. Before payment was taken out of the total, it was $1464.00. No, it's not exactly $1500.00, but it's damn close! And I've never gotten that much back before. So, now, it's time to tell the Powers That Be what I want in my life, what I want out of life and what I want taken out of my life. But, really, the best way to connect to Great Spirit is in love and positivity; we'll leave out what I want taken out of my life, as getting everything I want will surely push out the negatives.

Now, I just have to figure out what I want. *U_U*


  1. Wow! that's a nice chunk of change!
    As I was reading the post I was thinking 'does she actually know what she wants?' 35 (oh, almost 36!) I still don't know what I want out of life!!! (does that mean I already have it?)

  2. Yeah, it has helped me with some fun things and work boots!
    No, no clue. And, maybe you do have what you want. But there's no predetermined age where everything is supposed to click, though. It may still be out there.

  3. I believe i DO have what i want, it's true. I'm happy, so this must be it!
    You know, for next year, if your boots are truly 'work boots' you may be able to write them off...keep the receipt.

  4. That's grand! I'm always pleased to hear when people are happy with where they are in their lives; especially when they are people I care about!
    I'm right ahead of ya, sis! Receipt is in my important papers box for next tax season's write offs! *~_^*

  5. Yay for money coming just when it's needed! :)

  6. Go witch go! What you focus on expands. :)


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