Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank You x2, Favorite Things, a Website and 2 Films

Let's knock a few things off, shall we?
Firstly, there is a new blog award going around these parts; circling, spiraling, catching on and being folded back in like eggs to batter! I am thankful to both The Wizardess Epi at Go out beneath the naked night and Kat at Antics of a Tameran Witch for bestowing The Beautiful Blogger Award upon The Witch I Want To Be. *^_^* You are both darling creatures of magic and I am grateful to have been thrown into the same cauldron!
Second, I am supposed to list seven of my favorite things. Then, I am to pass the award on to fifteen bloggers that I believe should have it, too. However, though pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the award, I am not really one to pick and choose who should have one. So, I want all of you to know how dearly I treasure you and that I think each and every one of you deserves the award! Take it as you will and tell us seven of your favorite things!
Now, on to my seven things:
1~Faeries, in all their incarnations. (Yes, even the way they were portrayed in that episode of Torchwood. You know what episode I'm talking about. Yeah, that one.)
2~Anime! Mostly the romantic comedies.
3~Fantasy-worthy celebrity fellas such as Lee Pace and Zachary Levi. Yum!
4~The ability to walk and move freely without any hindrance. Some of us aren't so lucky.
5~The right to dress, say and act how I feel. The right to vote. The right to follow whichever path to which I am called. The right to use contraception.
6~Clean water, vegetables and fruit (especially green grapes, luscious strawberries and delectable cherries!)
7~My faithful family and friends (this includes you, dear blogging community of witches and spiritual people!) *~_^*

Third (yep, still keeping track), I have come across a website that, well, has helped me delve deeper into my self. It has helped me curb some of my frustrations and daily "anger," putting me in a better place morning, noon and night. I have trouble meditating sometimes. *Shock! Horror!* I know. Guided meditations with the proper music are easiest for me to keep my soul on task and to put aside other, encroaching thoughts until later. This website has just that. It also has just music one could meditate to, as well as forecasts, guided journeys, your own journal, a loving community, wishing well, sacred fire, everything a soul could possibly want to help figure things out. My Inner World is a site I only stumbled upon, but I know that it was for a reason. I think everyone should check it out, even if you're not in a state of transition, pain or confusion and looking for help or guidance. This is a great place to just be.

Fourth, and last, I just watched two movies on Hulu. (Woo! The exciting, thrill-seeking life of a twenty-six year old on a Saturday night!) The first was Shades of Ray. Such a sweet film! It leaves you wanting to know the real outcome, but it still satisfies. Great actors, great storyline and fitting music. The other was The Republic of Love. This is a singleton's best friend! Will they/won't they? Is she/isn't she? Will he/won't he? Romantic, heart-throbbing roller-coaster ride! Again, great actors, seamless storyline and fantastic music! The Bollywood theme that runs through from the very start is an unusual, but perfect match. If you're looking for some good hope-inspiring films for a night in alone, or a girls' night, these are sure bets. Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your award, love!

  2. Thank you! Everyone deserves the award! *^_^*


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