Sunday, March 28, 2010

SQUEE!!! (Again.)

It sneaks ever nearer; the snake in the tall grasses, time on the heals of aging models, the dessert cart at the restaurant inching closer to the back of the woman on a diet (aren't we all?) Really what I'm talking about is none of these things, but the anticipation and excitement built up remains. My sister and I leave for Anime Boston this Thursday afternoon! I say again, SQUEEEE!!!!
Both Steph and I are jumping for joy inside! She's excited about the convention for the fashion and costumes, as well as seeing me get excited over it all. (She is my older sister, after all. They always get happy when the younger sister is happy...don't they?) Aside from that, we'll be sharing a room at the Hilton (with a pool for me and a fitness center for her) and eating out at some really fantastic restaurants with amazing vegetarian selections (she and her boyfriend are fresh vegetarians. She calls herself pescetarian, but doesn't eat much fish really. Her boyf was on and off veg for a while, from what I understand. I've been a vegetarian since Thanksgiving Day '97.) Generally, we'll be having a grand "sisters weekend" with all the fine things the city has to offer.
In addition, I'm really, really looking forward to karaoke on Thursday night organized by fellow con-goers on the AB forums, but mostly meeting J. Michael Tatum. Ah! Who'd have thought that voice actors could hold such glamour? I first became familiar with his voice as Kyouya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club. From there, I could pick it out in anything else I would see for which he had worked. His tone has a comforting, lulling deepness that cannot be properly described in words. One must simply listen, and your gutteral sighs of longing will describe the beauty of his sound utterly.
Then again, he's not the only thing the con has going for it; AMV showings, Masquerade, formal ball, informal dance, manga library, swap meet, dealers, artists, etc, etc, et al! I adore the random dancing in the halls to the Levaan Polka or Caramelldansen! And the glomping and hugs! Yea! Just a few more days and I am so there.


  1. have fun!! be careful (that's b/c i'm the oldest).

  2. Oh, I will!
    Heehee, I knew it! *~_^*


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