Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh yeah! Uh-huh! *^_^*

Woo Hoo!!!! I'm doing the preliminary victory dance right now and for the rest of the week! Though it was very, very close, comprehensive coverage for women (and families) passed in the House of Representatives today! This is ginormous!!!! My state's rep, William Delahunt cares about women, our rights and the future of this country. He cares enough to stand up to the bullies in Washington to make sure that we get the health care we, as human beings deserve! I've sent my message to thank him.
Please, take a moment and click the link below to see where your representatives' loyalties lie. Fight against them if they need convincing that we shouldn't have to worry if screenings and check ups will be covered, along with a number of procedures! But thank them if they stood up with Mr. Delahunt in the race to save women's health and, ultimately, lives. It takes a lot to stand up to a bully, but with our support, I think it makes their job more worthwhile and, maybe, just a little bit easier.

VICTORY! Thanks to supporters like us, Congress passed health care reform, and we were able to keep the Stupak abortion ban out of the final legislation! But there is still much work to be done to ensure that all women can get the quality, affordable care they need. I contacted Congress today to let my representative know that I will continue to be vigilant about any new restrictions on private health insurance coverage for abortion. Will you join me? Find out how your representative voted here:


  1. I am absolutely against ANY FORM of legalized extortion. Automobile insurance is one good example-- I should not be MANDATED to pay for insurance. My driving record is, and has been, clean for better than 20 years.

    Same of my health; I eat right, I exerise, I take care of myself. Why should I be REQUIRED, monetarily, to take care of something I already am naturally??? I don't go to the hospital and ask you to fund a bill for my choices-- such as eating fried foods, surfing, etc.
    Nor do I want to fund someone elses ...

    Legalized extortion. Same as "required to purchase" when you own the [insurance] companies that make the laws...

  2. I live in Massachusetts, so I've been living the "required to have health insurance" thing for some time, now. I was one of the lucky people to get the state insurance. And, really, it is a damn good plan. Also, if I didn't get the insurance I have now, I would never be able to afford my monthly medication, having my teeth (finally) fixed or any number of other medical issue that may arise. I fought it at first, too, but now realize that it actually isn't bad at all. Preventative care is just as important. So, whether you're healthy or not, whether or not you lead the ideal, healthy lifestyle, something may happen out of the blue. It's nice to be covered and have the ability to prevent that "out of the blue" illness!
    My post, however, is especially about women holding on to our right to choose whatever we want to do with our own bodies! Sure, no new provisions have been made in fav or of abortion, but nothing has been imposed to stand in the way, either. That, in itself, is huge!
    But thank you for your point of view, Cygnus. *^_^*

  3. And an update! I just returned from the dentist where I had received two fillings. They were needed, as I had these cavities forming for a few years, now. If I didn't have the health insurance I have, I would have had to pay an exorbitant amount to have this work done. Dental work is pricey, with insurance it's more affordable. With my insurance, it turned out to be virtually free! I paid my $47 yearly co-pay at my last visit. When I asked what I owed for the fillings today, the receptionist told me "Nothing." Wow! So, yeah, maybe I'm on the happy end of the Universal Healthcare spectrum...?

  4. I have always had a good driving record but at one time Alabama did not enforce the insurance law. I was hit in the side by an Auburn University Professor in 1986. He was in a hurry to get his kids to school and run a stop sign.My eight year old daughter suffered a ruptured disk and I had a fractured arm and ruptured disk. We had no insurance through my job but luckily the man who hit us had great auto insurance. His insurance took care of everything.
    I have since tried to keep insurance on my cars and my kids keep all thier kids insured. It can make a difference between suffering without help and being taken care of.

  5. I like your profile. That thing about the wrench. Well, good tools are always useful to fix a problem. Aren't they?

  6. I'm really beginning to see the good in precaution. As a gamer, I'm the kind of person who rushes into battle, flailing my sword or axe without blocking. That is not the best policy for real life. Blocking is vital to survival. Thank you for sharing your story, Gaia. And yes, tools are handy little things. *~_^*


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