Thursday, January 6, 2011

Of Cars.

I've been looking into used cars, as of late. This time, I'm doing it right. This time, I'm not 19 with a car that doesn't work at all and a set of parents leaving for vacation in a week, pressuring me to get a car before they leave. No. This time, I'm 27 with a car that will last another year, but must be inspected by the beginning of February. Of course, it will fail, which would give me another month to find a car before I would have to have it fixed and inspected again (which it would, again, fail.) So, two months at most to find another car. After doing some research, I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities.

~Volvos. Reliable, safe tanks. They are expensive to fix, but don't break down often. Last forever.
~Honda Civic or Accord. Reliable and safe, too. Generally inexpensive to fix, but needs maintenance more often than a Volvo. Will last a long time if taken care of properly.
~Toyotas. Specifically, a Camry LE. I was surprised about this one, to be honest. In fact, a Camry from 1994 is a surprisingly good car to have, even now! From the reviews that I've read, it's reliable, safe and, as long as maintenance is kept up, it wouldn't need repairs at all! Sure, parts needs replacing just like any car. Keep up with that before they break, and you've got yourself a good, little car. Again, I was surprised, too.

Things is, though, I really, really want a Kia Rio/Soul, Mini Cooper S or smart car. All expensive; even used. I'll be able to give $600 cash at signing, as well as my 2001 Chevy Cavalier as a trade in. She needs a new engine and a few other minor things. So I probably won't be offered any more than $1000 for her, if that.

Any suggestions? Do you have a Make/Model you'd recommend to someone buying used? I'm not a fan of American-made. That's pretty obvious by now, huh? What do you drive? How has it held up? I'm aiming for the end of January so I don't even have to deal with the hassel of having my current car inspected and rejected. Fingers crossed, my friends!


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  3. Hmmm...That first commenter was spam from a car dealer. Sneaky, sneaky. Dirt bag.

  4. I'm a VW girl. Have had 2 and they last FOREVER. I love they way they handle, they are comfy and gas mileage is great (especially if you drive as stick like I do). My first was a Jetta, LOVE LOVE LOVED it but when my son was born I needed something a smidge bigger now I have a Passat. It's almost 7 years old and I've never had a problem. Not one single problem.

    Have fun shopping!

  5. I don't think hondas need any extra maintenence past the usual oil changes and stuff. Jason and i both had hondas and never spent much fixing them (tires, maybe, can get expensive...but we had sporty cars). toyotas are great cars. jason has one now (scion) and it's reliable, inexpensive to fix, and it wasn't that expensive to buy. maybe you should look into a car like his. it's got surprisingly a lot of space in the back.
    i think any foreign car, will not be much more 'reliable' but a lot more expensive to fix. and if you just take care of your car, no matter what it is, it should last you. my cavalier is 10 years old, i've had it for 9, and it's problems are usually minor, but i have them taken care of when they start.
    i also don't want to burst your bubble, but i don't know if i'd get my hopes up for $1000 trade in...just warning you.
    so, i'd go honda or toyota, if i were you. i'm thinking honda fit, for my next car.

  6. Dark Mother~ To be honest, I like the way VWs look. Unfortunately, you are the only VW owner I've heard from that hasn't had any issues. *U_U* I'm glad you're happy with them, though!

    jen~Yea, I've heard good things about Hondas, so thanks for adding to that. *^_^* I don't have much need for a big car. In fact, I was even hoping a used smartcar would be doable. But they're still so pricey! Anyway, SUVs won't really suit me, as I can transport wool from the farm in one of the farm cars. That's the only reason I would need a spacious one. Yea, I know all about taking care of my car right Even though, when that damn light came on, the computers all said it was cylinder four and every mechanic I took it to said there was nothing wrong ("We'll just shut the light off for you.") Now there's a hole. Ugh... I'm aiming for $600 on the trade in (that what KBB says, even with the engine and tires needing replacing.)
    I'm also thinking about a Kia Rio. Hmmm...


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