Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Sickness, Pushing Ourselves and Thyroids

My poor sister just posted a blog today about being sick. Poor thing. *U_U* She works so hard all of the time. I mean all of the time. Not kidding. She has two jobs and one day off a week. That one day off is spent running errands and, when she can fit it in, playing in her studio. Not to mention, she is making playing music with Auntie (and our other sister and me) a weekly thing! Why does that get an exclamation point? Because it's usually on a day that she's worked an early morning shift. Oh yeah, she also lives 45 minutes to an hour away from us. She crazy! But I'm really glad we're getting closer and doing things together. She works hard so that she can live the life she wants. She seems happier when she's busy. I love her so much for many things, but her constant strength and initiative awe me. Her kindness and gentle, soft-spoken ways could serve as a template for saints. (Though I'm certain she'd tell you that she's no saint. What a dear! Modest, too!)
Anyway, she's sick. Yet she still shoveled herself out of her driveway this morning, braved roads that hadn't yet been plowed and went in to work. Maybe she is crazy. (Haha, just kidding, Jen.) My hope is that I'm not the one responsible for her getting sick. Though, I have to doubt it. If it took her this long to feel anything, I doubt she could have gotten it from me a week ago. *Shrugs* On Sunday and Monday, I became best friends with a bottle of Dayquil. We still talk, but not as often. Oh! Blissful 14 hours of sleep I drank from a single dose of Niquil on Tuesday night! I was at approximately 85% today, and getting better. But then shoveling happened. Now, I just feel like an 85 year old woman. Maybe older...105? Yeah, that sounds about right. And my next full day off is...February 6th. Hmm...maybe my love for my sister effecting my life. Haha! Nah... *Rolls eyes*

Nearing the end of National Thyroid Month, I have a little news. Kinda. My doctor's nurse's nurse called me today to inform me that my levels are still a little low. They're upping my dosage. They also said that they can have the pharmacy exchange the bottle that I just bought a couple of days ago for a bottle of the higher dosage. (This is me thrilling that I didn't open the bottle.) Thank Goddess. I mean, it's only ten bucks, but ten dollars are ten dollars, you know? I hope everyone who went to the doctor this month had their thyroids checked! And for those of you who get through you days with meds, like Dark Mother and me, hang in there, friends. We are not alone. *~_^*

Love and Hope!

PS: I am well aware that my "Christmas gifts" post is long overdue. I also just realized the other day that this blog was supposed to become an art blog for my Faerie Flights of Fancy artwork on the start of the calendar new year. I have one reply to both of these items. And that reply is simply this:



  1. It took a couple of months to get my thyroid meds leveled off so I felt better, hopefully it will be soon for you.

  2.'re sweet. we really only got a couple inches, and i only shovel at every snowfall to limit the weird grooves that form from thawing and freezing :)
    you did NOT get me sick. i told donna, though i wasn't going to, that i was already getting sick that night! i was feeling that tickle in the throat...the swelling of the nasal passage...but i knew that if i said anything, she would get sick from me. in some cases, what you don't know won't hurt you!! :)
    i can feel you with the long stretches without days off. my longest stretch so far is just 16 days...around the holidays when everyone else was on vacation. did NOT get me worries, chickie!

  3. Dark Mother~ I hope it will even out with this next dosage. I've been on it for at least two years, now. :P
    Kraxpelax~ I appreciate that you follow my blog, however, I had to delete your comment because it had nothing to do with the content of this post. Also, it was a shameless plug for your own work. While I can understand the need for artists to put themselves out there, please don't use me like that.
    jen~I know, I know. *~_^* To be honest, I felt a little ill that night you came over last week (Thursday) and I played with you guys. I didn't say anything then and it all worked out! I remember working every day for three months straight once. Of course, I was closer to 20 and had three jobs...


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