Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Songs!

Excluding the Auld Lang Sine Auntie played at midnight, the following are the first two songs I heard to begin my new year!

As evidenced by the second musical choice (though it was purely by happy accident that I heard it on my way to work), I've decided to not be jaded this year; specifically, about relationships. I've come a long way from the girl raised by shitty parents in an awful relationship. Learning to not be like them is always a struggle, but I made a lot of headway in the last year alone! I intend to keep my high standards and, you know, for the lonliness I feel sometimes, the idea of possibly never finding someone who meets my standards sits just fine with me. Because, in the end, I'd rather be happy, alone, who I am than in another bad relationship with someone who doesn't deserve the time of day from me. Sound high falooting? Well, think of it this way: don't we all deserve to be in a happy, meaningful, healthy relationship? So why not hold out for it? Barring that, I'd rather be happy and healthy "alone" with family and friends that love and respect me.
Yea! I just adore growing as a human being! Don't you?! *^_^*


  1. good for you! i agree...why search and search and then settle?? either that 'perfect' person who makes you happy will show up...or not...come what may, as long as you are happy and healthy! you are right!

  2. Do you read Rune Soup? He did a recent post about this, and something like 40% of your personal happiness is under your direct control, 50% can be attributed to genetics & 10% to circumstances. Or some such. He's a fun guy--read him! Unfortch he bats for the other team, or I'd go to London & stalk him. :)

  3. Haha! Something has to stop us from stalking British boys, eh? :P That sounds interesting, though; I'll check him out. Thanks! *^_^*


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