Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack! No, seriously.

Late to the scene blogging about this one, but have any of you played [adult swim]'s Robot Unicorn Attack? It is brilliant! I was first made aware of the addiction back in July, yet am only now mentioning it. When I was told about the side-scroller, it was with a mix of gamer enthusiasm and mocking irony. (Why are we Generation Nexters so into being snarky and ironic?) Anyway, the mocking was for the song that plays on a loop throughout the game until you have used up all of your, three lives. Or wishes, as the games calls them. You'll find the song with it's original video below.

Pretty sweet, eh? Now, imagine playing a shiny, colorful, rainbow maned/tailed robot unicorn. You smash through big, crystal stars that fall at random intervals from the sky as you gain speed and momentum; leaping through the air and earning extra points for tagging the creepy, robot faeries at the beginning of every floating, purple-grassed island along the way.

Sounds fun, right? It is! It's a blast! Thing is, I really dig the song. I hid that fact from the guy who told me about the game because he kept going on about how ridiculous, but perfect the song was for the game. I expected something really ludicrous, but what I heard was a song that was perfect for the game, but it wasn't ridiculous. Even now I play the video in the morning before work because I enjoy the bubbly innocence and happy entreaty made by the artist.

Why are wanting to be with someone always and making believe such silly things? Sure, we all have to go through with our daily lives to survive, but isn't having an imagination and sharing creativity and art and love and fantasy important, too? I think having someone to create with in our lives is mandatory! It's in our very instincts! Sure, not everyone will create art, music, literature, etc. But procreation is exactly that. Everyone wants to be with someone and create something. When many couples get married, or even before, they daydream together of the things to come. Creation, in many, many forms is one of the main plans people make. Homes, children, lives; we must all want at least one of these things and pursue it to feel like a complete human being. I think that is why I feel that this song touches me. It sort of makes me feel akin to the human race, when that is often a difficult thing for me to do. Of course, my make believe is very much like the "damsel/knight/monster/faerie land" in the video. But I think we can all attest to it's truth. Don't you?

P.S.: Here's the game. Beware! It is incredibly addictive!


  1. Strength enough to build a home, time enough to hold a child, love enough to break a heart. I think that's what many of us want, whether literally or not, and it takes imagination just to live!

  2. I'm so addicted to that game. And because of that, I'm so addicted to that song! It STICKS to you after playing for more than 10 minutes. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

  3. Haha! No kidding! Even though I'm a gamer girl that's gotten into a few of the "boys'" games, I am so thrilled that the creators of this game have, well, created it! Something for us gals! Like I said, I went into it thinking I'd laugh at the song, but, yes, it's addictive, too. :P


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