Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yuletide Joy!

This year, no one is very wealthy or financially better than they were last year. At least, that is how it is with me and those near and dear to mine heart. Auntie expressed a bit of sorrow over the inevitable lack of gifts below the tree come this Christmas morn. It was important, I thought, to remind her that it is not the gifts, but the love of those in our lives that makes Christmas, well, Christmas. (I am, of course, calling it Christmas because that is what we were raised celebrating. We never went to church for Christmas unless we spent the night over at my maternal grandparents' house. This was rare. Auntie is the only one of all of us that went to mass every Christmas with her parents, because her parents are my maternal grandparents.)
So! Onward...To make opening fewer gifts this year last longer and help drive my point home to Auntie and Uncle, I have decided to try something new in my wrapping. Instead of wrapping the boxes pattern side out, I flipped the paper so they are all blank. On the outside, I will write quotes about Christmas and the season that I find poignant, entertaining and full of love. One by one, as we open our gifts, we'll share various thoughts from many different people. We'll be able to think on them and bring the spirit of Christmas back to our hearts.
I thought it would be sweet, anyway. Auntie agrees and said that she may even do it, too. We are an intellectual family, after all. *^_^*

Tomorrow night is our Christmas Cocktail party! We gals will be dressed in pretty, frilly dresses, while the fellas are required to wear attire appropriate for a 50's cocktail party. (No jeans, tees, sneaks. Dress slacks, ties and nice shirts will be donned.) Also, a bit of a flurry or some heavier snow is on the weather agenda. A dusting will certainly make the party even more festive!

Christmas Eve will be hosted the youngest of my two older sisters, this year. Her chosen theme is "Christmas Morning Pajama Party!" We'll be playing Twister, Kinect games on her boyf's 360, card games, board games, etc. The feast will consist of breakfast foods. Attire is, of course, pajamas! (So comfy!) And this year, the gift swap is secret santa, as opposed to a yankee swap as usual.

The farm is selling out of trees and wreathes quickly. Two more weeks for everyone to get one! Auntie and I have been watching Christmas specials practically every other day. We watched Prancer last week! Love that one! After Christmas, she, Uncle and I will have a day to watch Snow Queen (the Hallmark version because it's just so terrible!) Christmas Day is sort of up in the air. If Auntie and I don't go to a late night mass at the local Episcopal Church (she's been wanting to go for the community aspect and I'm just curious), we're going to attempt a go on Christmas morning. If that's the case, gifts will have to wait. If there is snow, we will go sledding. If we want to leave the house, we will visit Uncle's mother and sister in the next town over. We can go sledding there! There is a fella who's caught my eye. Maybe he'll be able to visit on Christmas day?

I also have an event to attend on Yule. It is a remembrance ceremony and final send off for a relative of Anam Cara. Her aunt suffered through and lost her battle against cancer. Anam Cara's sanctuary, My Secret Garden, held reiki and counseling sessions for those fighting or living with cancer. The sanctuary is dedicated to her aunt, Dori. There will be a bonfire and ceremony as a send off to her while still honoring the sacred solstice. I don't know about you, but I welcome the short days and long nights. As an early riser, I enjoy being up before the the Sun and driving home as he sets. On bright Moon nights, in the crisp, frozen air, I adore walking in the light of the Lady from my car to my front door. I feel as if I am welcoming her in to visit a while before bed. Then, when I lay me down, she peeks in through my windows and tucks me in.

Well! I'd better go so I can iron my dress for the party tomorrow. I also need to pluck my eyebrows, moisturize my hands and choose which shoes go best with my outfit. So much to do! I've already made my addition to tomorrow's finger food menu; mini quiches. So easy! A little bland, though. Go figure! Ha!

What is everyone planning for the Solstice?


  1. ha! i saw Prancer in the theater the year it came out!! i think i was a sophomore...maybe a junior??
    my dress will not be frilly, but it will knock your socks off! :)
    I am waiting for stage one of my cocktail to cool, I laid out my cheese platter, but will assemble when I arrive, then I will get dressed and head over before the snow...jammies are packed, too, as I will not be attempting to drive home tonight!!
    see you at the cocktail party, and I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's loss.

  2. Wow! You went to the theater for Prancer, huh? How funny!
    You looked loverly in your sparkly dress, and I'm glad you stayed over! If I didn't have to work today, I would have stayed up with you guys.
    The cheeses were delicious, by the way.
    Thank you for your sympathy. I will pass it on.


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