Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Dry, dry, DRY!" and "Bad, bad, BAD!" No more!

"Huh?" You ask.
First, the "dry" bit. Can I just express my frustration at the increased dryness of this winter, thus far? Sure! Winter is the driest time of the year. (Which never made much sense to me, as I always seem to enter my house with half damp/wet trouser cuffs.) We've all experienced that winter skin; ash white, paper thin, cracked, sore, sometimes bleeding from dryness. Granted, I work on a farm. My hands are gloved, yet still exposed to the elements, not to mention water from my usual chores. However, I have never, ever in my life had such dry skin! Maybe I'm just shirking my responsibility to myself and haven't been taking the best of care to stay moist?
Or maybe, just maybe this is one of the driest winters since before 1983? I'm not absolving myself from responsibility, mind you. I'm only wondering if the Ol' North Wind is partially at fault here. Anyone else having trouble keeping their skin from looking like you swapped with Granny?

Now, the "bad" bit. I've been bad to my body. Though we've established the superficial above, I'm speaking of a deeper level; a mechanical, need-certain-things-to-survive level. While I realize that the holidays have always been an accepted excuse for people to let loose and imbibe/consume everything in sight, I have been devouring all that is craved, but none that is required for my body to run properly. That upsets me. I give in to my cravings far too easily, then wind up wondering why I feel sluggish, headachey, fussy and slightly as if I'm about to have a panic attack. That's not a nice feeling. Well, none of it is.
While I'm pouring unnatural sugars, bad fats and heavy carbs down my gullet, I'm happy as a pig in slop. Thing is, if I don't stop, that's what I will be.
I don't want that.
This isn't a resolution post. Not in the "New Year" sense. No. This is a wake up call from my body. She's upset because I haven't eaten vegetables in a few months. A few months! This is coming from a "vegetarian." (What does one call oneself when one doesn't eat meat, fish, fruits or veggies? Hmmm...) Bad Renee, BAD!

So, when I went grocery shopping this morning, I bought Jergens "Ultra Healing" lotion (It was on sale for far less than the Aveeno I had my hands on for an hour.), oatmeal and bananas (No more cereal with milk, and no more milk and sugar in the oatmeal. I've done it before. I can do it again.), asparagus (There must be a yummy recipe in one of my many, unused cookbooks.), portabella mushroom caps, and some new, vegetarian yogurt to try. My freezer still has frozen veg and fruits, and my kitchen shelf is lined with jars of grains. No snacks in my grocery bags! I did buy Organic Cow Half & Half for my tea and instant coffee. Once my coffee is gone, that will be the end of that. I can drink my tea without cream. No problem. Those will be my treats. I also have corn chex and "muddy buddies" fixins for a quick, small treat once Auntie and I have recovered from our sugar shock comas and want a little something that can be controlled. To make lunch at work quick, easy and healthier than running to, of all places!, DunkinDonuts, I've got a box of Clif mini energy bars. One of those and some water with lemon everyday will keep my hunger down, protein and energy up, and help me resist the urge to mow down on the first thing I see when I get home from work.

I'm pumped! My body will thank me in a couple of weeks. You know, once she's resigned not to kill me because of the inescapable cravings (even though giving in would only make me feel ill...) Once the snow and ice have melted down a bit, I may even take walks after work? If not, I've always got my yoga and Tae-Bo dvds!

In other news, I've decided to try to find another car, instead of a new engine for the Crap-alier I've got. I have until the end of January, thanks to my inspection sticker. Barring that, I can get her inspected, get rejected, then have until the end of February to finalize a "new" car. (I'm looking to find a used Volvo that will last me.) Fingers crossed, folks!

Also, my Christmas post with pictures will be posted soon. I still need to take the pictures...


  1. my awesome car has lasted me nearly 10 years (and counting!)...don't blame the Cav! blame the driver!! :)
    good luck with car shopping, and with your workouts and such.

  2. Yea, mine's a 2001, so it's getting up there. Also, you are the only Cavalier driver that I have ever met that hasn't had trouble with their car. I didn't put that whole in the cylinder! :P
    Thanks, though; I'm going to need all that luck!

  3. Good job with the shopping. I'm on a never ending pot of soup for the winter... just keep adding nice veg & veggie bullion, sometimes some pasta, sometimes beans. It's comforting & healthy. I just used beet greens for the first time ever in the soup. The whole process helps me not to waste anything.

  4. Mmm...That sounds marvelous! You should try calaloo, too. Working with Jamaicans has introduced me to some really lovely greens!


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