Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'll Share My Weakness

Maybe, through sharing, it'll make it easier to resist making a mistake.
I have been tempted these past few days to text someone who turned out to not be such a great person to me. At the time, I felt really good about how things were going. Then, it all ended so abruptly. Now, I want to tell him "Happy Belated Birthday and Merry Christmas." But that would be a mistake. I know it would. That's why I'm bringing it out here to you fine people. By making my bad decisions public before committing them, I'm hoping it keeps me strong. No one has to respond to any of this, it more a push for me to resist the silly impulse. So, thanks for letting me share my weakness with you. Thanks for helping me stop myself from making a mistake before it it is done. However, if any of you have any ideas on how to get over someone who I thought I was over and who really shouldn't be on my mind as often as he is for the crappy way he treated me, I'm open to suggestions. *This request is limited to anyone who has been in bad or dramatic relationships before, but has moved on to living fulfilling, meaningful and respectful lives (to themselves and others.) Anyone raised by parents who set horrible relationship examples are also encouraged to respond!

In other news, once I have the battery for my camera, I shall take and post photos of my lovely gifts from my lovely family and friends. Marvelous holiday that was too soon over. More to come, my dearies!


  1. well, i wasn't in a 'relationship' with this person, but i thought i had strong feelings for someone who i knew was involved with someone else, and so wasn't against treating a girl badly...and i think that included me, since he wouldn't give up either of us. he was a bad person and i often felt like i wanted to get back in hopes that things had changed. but i resisted and each time, i felt better about myself. i held my own happiness in higher regards, and was more positive that my well being could not be possible if that person was in my life. when i see toxic relationships i just wonder why those people don't care about themselves. whether it's the boy or the girl sticking with a 'bad' partner, i wonder why that person thinks he/she doesn't deserve to be happy and loved and valued as a human being with feelings.
    we, as humans, make our own decisions, and sometimes they are bad, but we are made to learn from our mistakes. and im telling you right now that you do NOT deserve or need to be treated badly or taken for granted.
    don't call, don't're better than're STRONGER than that.
    if you feel like you have to call someone, dial a different someone else!
    that's my TEN cents!! :) xo

  2. And I'm richer for it! Thanks, Jen. *~_^*


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