Monday, December 20, 2010

"Snow! I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with snow."

This is another one of my most favorite Winter songs. I've absolutely adored Danny Kaye (and the film White Christmas) since before I can remember. My childhood visual enjoyment consisted of a Laurel and Hardy beta tape with three of their "shorts," old movies on television (when I could find them) and Disney's Robin Hood. White Christmas was one of the films we'd watch every year when I was a tyke. It wasn't until my parents moved my sister and I out here that I've reintated that tradition. (We went at least five years between the old tradition and our move. Maybe because we didn't have cable until the year we moved, so it wasn't really readily available. Then, when my parents saw it at the supermarket for sale, they brought it home! Imagine my excitement and surprise!)

Anyway, grab a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, have a seat by the fire and have a listen!

Brightest Blessings for a Merry Yule! Tomorrow, the days begin to gain more daylight and the nights shorten! I know many who are thrilled at this Solstice. To me, it barely feels as if we've had much "cold time." Maybe it's simply because today was our first snow here on the Cape? Maybe it's because I work outside everyday and I am able to stay warm because my blood is constantly pumping strongly? Who knows? All I can say is that Yule came extremely fast this year.

Anyone else feel the rush?


  1. i'm feeling a rush..but i think it's from all of the shoveling i had to do yesterday, and will again today! :) working at the kennel is 1,000 times more exhausting when you throw in shoveling snow!!

  2. Right?! And, of course, since you are the wlker, you have to do the shoveling. When did they slip that into our job descriptions? :P I came home and did the same thing; shoveled the drive. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I've gotta shovel again before I leave today... Remember, Jen, life with the knees!


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