Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just For You!

I wanted to post this Saturday night (which I did do) so that you can have a bright, joyful morning tune to start the day! (The video is quite silly, but not important to the song; so you don't have to watch it. I find that it's a grand melody to have a little dance to wake up the body, do some minor morning tidying or do some wake up stretching.)

In other news:
DAY OFF!!!! Woot! First day off of work in 9 days. Possibly 10. I've lost track. And oh! How grand it feels! Maybe I'll practice my flute. I really should. It's been too long. I could even start reading another classic! I finished Daddy Long Legs ages ago, and started reading another book I was given at Christmas, only to find that it is Volume Two in a series. Crud! I'm interested in finding the first volume because the second book begins so dramatically!

On Monday, rain or not, I intend on test driving two or three cars. I have to! The sooner I get rid of my car and get something a bit more reliable, the better. It'll also give me a better idea of how much I'll be able to save each month for my trip to Ireland next year. Also, my sister closest to me in age has expressed an interest in sky diving, too! And we think we need a "local" vacation. Really, we would like to stay in a hotel in Boston and just hang out in the city for a weekend or have a spa-cation. We had such fun hanging out the other day when I got out of work early and a sister weekend sounds really wonderful. We both feel like we need some time away and to get pampered; even if it's only a little. Admittedly, I was pleasantly shocked when she told me how much she's always wanted to sky dive when I mentioned that it's something I want to finally do within the next couple of years. Tattooed and pierced, she still never struck me as someone crazy enough to jump out of an airplane 40,000 ft in the atmosphere. I'm thrilled that my first time sky diving can be shared with one of my best friends. *^_^*

And now, though you are most likely reading this on, or after the day for which it was intended for consumption, I am going to bed. For me, at this very moment, it is still Saturday.

Have a beautiful, song-filled day, darlings!

P.S.: Are you wide awake, now, but having trouble getting motivated to get out of your computer chair and into action? Here's another great motion song! (I really like the video for this one, but it's not mandatory you watch while listening.) Unfortunately, the poster has disabled the embed option. If you follow the link to their YouTube page, though, you won't be disappointed. *^_^*

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  1. does she know you mean jumping out of a plane?? :) i never would've thought her for that either!! now, PIE diving...that i'd do!! yum!
    have a grand day off...those days are so sweet when you have to work more than two weeks to get one!!


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