Friday, January 6, 2012

All Through the Night

Dreams abound, last night! In fact,I was dreaming, then waking so frequently, that I remember thinking at one point, "I wonder if I should get up and write that down before I fall back to sleep?"
Well, I didn't, and this is the price I pay: I can only recall a handful (if that) of details to share. Let's see what I can catch, and if I can do it in order...

~bathing dogs (We were bathing them. It wasn't some sort of Wonderland scene.)
~Asian populations (a couple of my dreams plopped my down into Asian cities, but I don't know where.)
Yep, that's pretty much all I can bring up. So amazing, though! I dreamed throughout the night!


  1. why, oh why, don't you have a notebook by your bedside!? silly girl...get thee a dream journal!

  2. Haha! I do! By "get up and write it down" I meant actually wake long enough to put pen to paper. :P Go figure.


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