Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jauary 12, 2012 @ 6:00AM

From my dream journal.
3 dreams: first, I cant remember, now.
Second, I was a young girl (whole dream viewed 1st person) on the run from a "dirty cop, so I had to live on the streets. Dirty cop was Will Farrell, but as bumbly as he was, he was still confident and not funny. I was being hidden and helped by a guy(Adam Pally). The first time he got me away from the cop, he was in a living room, smoking a tobacco pipe, standing on a giantred tortilla chip. He saw me come around the corner of the hall to the living room and was waving me over,whisper-yelling for me to "get on!" I looked at hi funny ("It's a tortilla chip!"), but I hopped on behind him, accidentally broke off a back corner with my foot, grabbed a hold of him, and up and off we went flying! I was safe. Then, for some reason, later on we were back in that house (it was the cop's house.)
We hid behind the far end of the sofa (all of the room's colors were faded, 70s browns and drab.)When the cop got out of the shower, he heard us and we ran out the back door. We could hear him trailing us through the woods (again) but on his phone with his superior. He didn't catch us, but came close, as, before we get into the woods, we had to jump over and around a lot of mesh wire rolls, fencing and farming equipment.
3rd dream: in some sort of "Normans store.
(It's a department store in Michigan. Very imposing and gigantic to me as a child.)Ran into Uncle D (who was a good 2 feet taller than me.)(This dream was also 1st person.) He was wearing a long, tribal-like leather-pelt cloak/cape. I was excited about it, and, asking if I could try it on, well, I did! I practically drowned in it! It was so big! I loved it! Weird. There were other elements to the dream before the Uncle D thing, but that's all I remember, now.

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