Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dreams, Mugwort and a Haunting

Had a great dream the other night, but I think it only fair to keep some dreams to oneself. It's in my journal, but, just as a birthday wish cannot be shared, so too are the dreams we hope to come true stowed deep inside.
On that note, I asked the Field Manager at work if we ever grew Mugwort or Wormwood. He said that Mugwort is one of the weeds that he can't ever get ride of, no matter what he does. Wormwood, he thinks, may grow here at there as a weed, too, but Winter keeps them well hidden. He brought me into one of the greenhouses and pointed out some young, but hearty and lovely Mugwort. Being so difficult to eradicate, he assured me that my success with a transplant would very likely be great. At the end of my shift, I dug up what I could, brought her home and stuck her in a small bit of water to revive her thirsty roots. I shall plant her up tomorrow and keep her in my room! The promise of a fresh, magickal herb at my fingertips is a boon to my soul, with the scent of her silvery foliage filling my senses with joy and still more dream power.
Lastly, last night, as twilight settled into night, I was leaving the farm and fiddling with the gate to the parking lot. I had thought, then, that I saw my boss standing in the doorway of the farmstand. "Odd," I thought, "but maybe he's just making sure that I was locking the gate behind me." Nevermind the fact that his golf cart was nowhere around, the doors to the stand were locked and the lights (except for the ever-lit machinery within) were all off. Nevermind the fact that, the door the figured peered through was half obstructed inside, making it impossible for someone in that window to be standing as I had seen what I thought was my boss. Nevermind the fact that, as I found out today, my boss and his wife (also my boss) weren't even on the premises. Nevermind the fact that I was the only person there when I left. I thought about waving "goodnight," but figured that I'd just go on as I was and go home. Upon further investigation this afternoon, I realized that there was no way there was someone standing there, as I had seen someone, where I had seen them.
The image, now knowing that it was an apparition, haunts my mind still.


  1. Neat! That's terrific, you have your own source of living mugwort. I haven't tried my pasta yet. Do you feel good about your ghost sighting, or did it creep you out?

  2. I know! I was so excited to find out just how accessible it is...especially if my non-green thumbs can't keep what little I harvested alive. Maybe it's just not time for the experience. When it's time to tuck in to the pasta, you'll do it. *~_^* But I want you to let me know, k? The more I thought about it, the more I get a little creeped. Thing is, though, when it was happening, and I thought, "that might be a ghost," I wasn't freaked at all. But now, thinking of it standing there and just...watching...*shudders* I'm thinking about asking my bosses if I can do a mini investigation at some point, since nearly everyone that works on the farm has had some experience (aural or visual.)

  3. Also, other than a right scarey ogre man when I was a child, Ive never actually seen apparitions, before. It's a little exciting, if I'm being completely honest. Maybe that's why it didn't really scare me while it was happening...?

  4. cool...on all accounts. it sends shivers but i love ghost stories!!

  5. Me, too! *^_^* We'll see this Tuesday if I see it again. If I do, I'll approach the door to see if I can figure out the validity of it being an apparition or not.


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