Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ebb and Flow

My dreams have been coming every night. I have not had a cup of the Mugwort/Wormwood tea for a fortnight, now. Lacking the ability to remember enough to record said dreams when I wake is, I think, a result of the extra, magickal oomph. Having the darling plant living on my bookshelf in my bedroom must be of some assistance. Then again, I am a firm believer of ingestion of power. Necromantic in its imagery; harmless in this case. My dear little Mugwort begs to be planted, and shall be today if the ground is not so frozen neath the heavy, wet snows. So, my dreams come and go. The Moon is waning, after all.
In blog news, I am blushing for numerous reasons! Imagine my excitement when I read this morning that I had won the drawing over on Wizardess' blog, Go Out Beneath the Naked Night, for the lovely tarot giveaway she was having! Now, see me turn a deeper shade of red as she links to my blog! And still deeper crimson when I realize that I entered the drawing, but never linked to her here before it ended! The shame! I am so thrilled to have won, but oh! How uncouth was I that I didn't send more people to her site. *shakes head* Not nice, Renee.
Anyway, Wizardess has been a die-hard follower of mine for quite a long while. I, too have enjoyed the wisdom and whimsy she has shared with her followers. Having such grand Pagan community members available to us (practiced and green, alike) help us all learn a little something more everyday. If you enjoy my blog, I think that Go Out Beneath the Naked Night would also be a lovely fit!


  1. Hey, thanks for the linky! And the love! I'm going to go box up your loot right now.

  2. Of course! Should have done it before!!! *^_^*


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