Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've Had a Few

Dreams, that is. The last dream that I mentioned here was the one about reading magazines. That didn't actually get entered into my dream journal for one reason or another. Probably just laziness; I'm prone to laziness. Anyway, I've three entries in my journal since then, and they are at least two pages each. So, for the sake of my dear readers' sanity, I'll break them up into three entries; this being the first.

Dream from entry not dated, but between January 6 and 12.

Xmas party, but just "Steph" and me at Grandma and Grandpa S's house (before they moved out here), but it wasn't... We were eating nuts and cheese and I was making a huge mess. We were watching on television. Grandpa walked in. (We were the only three in the house.) He started talking about stuff, but we were just annoyed that he wouldn't stop talking. I started "vacuuming" the floors (4 wool rugs on top of one another on a carpeted floor) with my foot. Grandpa picked up a gift from under the tree and was excited because it was for him. On the side was written my mother's name (first and last) in her handwriting. Steph and I pointed out that it was from Debi. And he said he knew, put it back and walked into the hall, mumbling about random stuff.
At one point, I was in a car with another adult, 2 kids and a dalmation-person who was pregnant with puppies. We were going to the airport to pick up the mother of the kids. We got there, went to baggage claim and found her suitcase opened with contents hastily set on top. We started grabbing things and arranging them like puzzle pieces in the back of the powder blue (tiny) car. (There was no way it was the car we came in, nor that we would all fit into it with all of the stuff in the back.) Also, we were filling it as it was parked in baggage claim.
All of a sudden, we were back at the house. I'm cleaning the floor again (same room) and a couple of "cops" come to the door. I insisted we hide, but the little girl had already let them in. They had a German Shepherd. While the man spoke to the other people, I kept arranging rugs as I approached the side near the woman and dog. She made a gesture like, "Don't get too close; he bites." I glared at her and told her that I wasn't coming to pet him, turned my back and went back to arranging on that side. They wanted to inspect our "graveyard." I looked up and out the big window into the backyard and saw the 2 or 3 headstones. I got nervous. They went out the door and we all sat down inside, watching t.v. again. Then, a t.v. crew came in and started interviewing the other woman (from the beginning, not Steph anymore) and they started laughing. I asked them what was so funny -->They zoomed in on the "almond paste" at the corner (on the floor) of the biggest rug. But it was a powder, and looked like a tassel. I was angry that they were laughing and felt ashamed that I had missed it while I was cleaning.

I'd say that was pretty vivid; especially since I can still see it in my mind. Next up: January 12.

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