Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still Dreaming

The following is what I wrote in my dream journal this morning.
I was at that old theater-cum-waterpark. At the bottom of the "flooded stairs," I was drying off with a couple of other people (a woman and a man) around my age. We started talking about how rude it was that people just throw the towels supplied by the theater anywhere. So, the woman and I started hanging them on railings to dry. Then, we were packing and talking about a trip to Argentina. The room we were in became an extension of our apartment and wasn't the theater anymore. I kept asking, "What should I pack? How long will we be there?" I now knew that I was a new member of Josh Gates' Destination Truthteam! My first investigation was a haunted town in Argentina. Josh came in at one point and we talked. I asked him some questions, felt very intelligent, then he sort of sat back and we were already there. From what I can remember, the investigation was pretty much just our talking to an old woman. Then we were on a nearly deserted street in Japan, at a cafe on a street corner. I was talking to 3 older men (I was at a "bistro sidewalk" table with 2, and the other was in the doorway of the cafe/shop.)The signs were in Japanese and Spanish, and the man at the table with me on my left spoke English, so was trying to help me learn a little more. Then, the woman (from packing) and Josh were there. We started talking about the investigation. Japanese man to my left started talking to me, again. It began to lightly snow and I noticed that we were all in tees and shorts. None of us were cold. An old woman rode up on a rickshaw and parked on the corner. On the floor of the rickshaw were 4, volleyball-sized, glowing, red balls tied together with soft, green twine. The color of the twine matched the green ivy design on the balls. Through their jostling (from the rickshaw), they rang like those stress-relief balls(Baoding Balls.)Josh bowed his head and started to pray. (I remembered (in my dream memory, not IRL) seeing those balls in Argentina, too.) All of a sudden, I was talking to the guy from the investigation who was now sitting to my right. I whispered that it was too bad we didn't get to that street at 12:00 (midnight) to see the "Wild Hunt" pass through. Josh looked up and asked, "What?" I looked over and and said, "Oh! I was just telling Elf," I looked at the guy next to me and started laughing. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to call you that! " He looked like Will Farrell. "Maybe it was that movie, and its snowing, so..." I turned back to Josh and sang what I had told "Elf." Then, I sang that I didn't know why I was singing. I sounded like Loreena McKennitt, and I think I impressed everyone there.

Interpretation, anyone?


  1. ??? i like the flying tortilla bit, but i have no idea what any of it means. any clues in your dream dictionery?

  2. Haha! Me, too. :P Tortilla=wholeness, chips (it only defines potato chips, but it could be the same)=overindulgence, flying=freedom where I am otherwise restricted. Now, if all of these symbols are talking about the same thing, it could mean that I am too free in my overindulgence, but am okay with it...? Hmm... That hardly seems right.


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