Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Much To Report

Once again, I skipped the tea. Bedtime kept getting pushed further and further into the evening that I wasn't interested in "winding down" and waiting ten minutes for the brew to steep to its full potency. It's fine. Tonight seems best for it anyway, as my nose is so stuffed that I doubt the bitterness will even have a chance to set in before I brush, floss and rinse before bed. (One way to be positive about my temporary lack of olfactory capability...)

The details of last night's dream (that I recall) are few. I know that I was flipping through celebrity gossip mags and came across a "supernatural" or "SyFy" magazine. Just my luck! As I flipped through, it fell open to an article on Destination Truth and Josh Gates. Neat! So I flopped it closed to look at the cover and, low and behold! It was a cover story with a great picture of Josh and Jael (another "sometimes investigator" on the show.) I was pretty excited to have an issue with content in which I was actually interested. What does that say about my waking life? Well, truthfully, I just watched the last available episode of DT on hulu and two days ago. Also, I think, perhaps, I need to get out more. Then again, I can't really go out and about with this bug. Oh well, sometimes dreams are just fun to have; they always mean something.

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