Monday, November 30, 2009

Alright! Change of Plans.

Well, now! Life has taken me by surprise and I find myself scrambling to catch up! This has helped me realize that a post a day, as a friend once told me, can be too restricting. As we are all different in our own, special ways, I opted to try it out for myself and found her observation accurate for me as well. This being the case, I have decided not to post birthday info everyday. In fact, I have decided to post only the days on which to Zodiacal ring turns. Seeing as this has already occurred, I will wait until Capricorn makes its entrance. I hope this does not throw anyone off. As I have mentioned in my disclaimer, all of the information was borrowed from Judith Turner's book The Secret World of Birthdays. It is in no way my work, although some bits I paraphrased, while most is directly quoted. If you feel slighted by this and want your specific birthday info, comment on the most recent blog before your birthday, and I will endeavor to have your specs up on your special day!
I trust everyone here understands, and I thank you for that. *^_^*
So, what has life thrown my way? Work! Holiday trees are in at the farm and one day a week is devoted to selling them. Today, I have cookies to bake, laundry, dishes and a cottage to clean. Not to mention finding a tree local to Auntie's home. Tomorrow is Christmas Tea with the fam, followed by tree trimming! Then, work Wed-Sat. On to Sunday; the second Faerie Workshop with Anam Cara. (Which reminds me, I need to touch base with her at some point this week!) Next Monday...we shall see what pops up! Next Tuesday is my first teeth cleaning in Goddess knows how long! Then, again, work, etc. I'm certain you can all guess how I look forward to next Monday? *~_^*
Alright, time to go research more Yule cookies to bake for tomorrow! OH! I need to find my winter decorations, today, too! After all, as the Almanac reads, "Jack Frost Visits" tomorrow. Must be ready for him, of course.


  1. Good! You tried a daily post and found it doesn't work for you. "Step back and punt!" :-)

    Blogging should be fun! When it gets to be work, it's not fun. <--Duhhhh for the *Wisdom of The Ages*, hu? LOL. A 5 year old could tell you that. :-)

    Good luck with doing/enjoying all you have to do.

    "I'm certain you can all guess how I look forward to next Monday? *~_^*"

    Noooooooooo... -whine- -pout- I don't know what you're looking forward to next Monday! No fair. No fair to "The Dense Among Us." Me. -grin-


  2. Haha! Oh, Aunt Amelia! You do go on. *^_^* Well, even if a five year old could tell me that, we are all different; I would still need to find out for myself what works and what doesn't. In the mist of my ramblings, I had mentioned that Monday is really the only "free" day I'll have in that mess of holiday/work goings-on. I'm looking forward to relaxing without feeling like I should be doing something. That was all, really.
    I always look forward to your insights! *^_^*


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