Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a gorgeous day we had today!

Anam Cara is off in Scotland having, what I can only imagine to be a grand time! This is me being jealous. Someday I'll get over there. One day we hope to go to Ireland together in search of faeries. I'm meant to get over to the British Isles and surrounding islands, but so far have not been allowed.
The first time was the most difficult to accept. It was my Junior year of high school and only a handful of us (students) and, I think, two teachers were set to go. I'd pretty much paid for the entirety of my trip. Then, it happened. The "9-11 attacks." One by one, parents pulled their children from the trip. Mine told me that if I still wanted to go and the trip was still on, they would let me. I think they knew that the trip wuldn't go through as planned. Luckily, I received a full refund. Since then, every attempt has been thwarted.
I wonder, though, if I should forego the Anime Boston trip and save what little money would be spent for a trip to the UK instead? The lands of mist call to me in sleep and waking dreams. The Fae have been waiting for so long. But I don't know. These are the decisions, it seems to me, that make your future. Personal history can be changed forever by choosing one path or the other. I've got until Ostara weekend to really decide, but if we want to book a hotel room for the convention, I need to decide by the end of December. We'll see, I guess.
Not much else is really new. I get to sleep in tomorrow and Monday. I have Thanksgiving Day off and get to hang out with the mojority of the most important people in my life! (Oldest Sis and her hubby won't be joining us as it is their wedding anniversary.) Then I begin my new schedule, of which one of my workdays will be set aside to sell Christmas trees all day long! Woot! I'll be coming home smelling like pine from next Saturday until the 24th! *^_^* My newest mermaid had a little work done last night, and I intend to get some coloring onto my other boys and girls either tomorrow or Monday. Two of my coworkers are leaving for home on December 1st. Sadly, we don't think they'll be back next year. They're both dears to work with and are damn good at what they do (which is EVERYTHING!) The farm will never be the same without them. *U_U* So it'll be me and five other people working the farm (not including the bosses and their sons) from the 1st until the Spring. So quiet in the Winter.
I suppose that's all for now. No revelations. Not too much in the way of magic...
For now. *~_^*

Happy Birthday!

November 21
Gem: Ruby (energy, friendship, happiness)
Flower: Hawkweed ("You grasp the significance of events more quickly than those around you.")
Astral Color: Black (protection, birth, beginnings)
Color Need: Red (energy, stamina)
Apparel Color: Green (overcoming obstacles)
Fragrance: Cinnabar or Mediterranean/Orient (passion, unpredictability)
Tree: Elm (willpower, strength, "the ability to stand alone")
Instrument: Trombone
Composer: Verdi, Mendelssohn, Schumann
Bird: Swan (protective)
Symbol: Wreath (special, shows compassion)
Health Scent: Rose (passion, warmth)
Favorable Foods: Cauliflower, fresh oyster, oats, pressed cheese, watermelon
Lucky #: 2, 4
Best Month: January, July
Best Weekday: Tuesday
Best Month Day: 3, 12, 21
Lucky Charm: "A pen that someone else has already used."
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces


  1. I wish i could smell like trees!
    are you going to have a big stoagie hanging out of your mouth and say things like 'no needles will ever fall off this tree' and 'this one's a beaut!'?? please??
    maybe if Ireland is where you'd rather go, then do that...were you going with steph to animae? are you guys making costumes already?

  2. Just get into the hippie spirit, and you, too can smell like pine all season long! Hug those trees, girl!
    Maybe a candy cigar. Just for you, though. I'm not promising anything, but there might even be a five o'clock shadow by Maybelline in store for the shoppers. *~_^*
    It's not really a matter of rather going to the con or IRL. It's more of a "I will most likely do the con, but will eventually get to Ireland" kind of thing.
    Yes, Steph and Woki are still deciding, but they would be my entourage. Still waiting to hear from Chris. I've got my ideas for costumes, but I need a consultation session with the Master Seamstress before attempting anything too grand.

  3. About decisions on spending money now, on something you'd like... Or saving it for the future, doing something you'd like... I always fall back on my old "Listen to your gut instinct."

    Take some time to sit with yourself and really ask the necessary question... Which? And then listen. I don't believe in much, but I do believe that our 'insides' know what's best for us, a lot of the time. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones. Doesn't get much better than that, hu?

    Oh and........ Wondering [yes I am old and nosy!!! -grin-] if any more has happened, on the talking-to-the-interesting-man-issue? Perhaps you've been able to "over-hear" something, while in that store, that would guide you, in making your decision, to speak or not to speak. As it were....

    Anyway, I'll be *horribly bold* and let you know that inquiring minds what to know. -giggles- And if it's not something you really want, on your blog... there's always private email. :-)

  4. Well, the thing is, my insides asks for both trips! Haha! Greedy, greedy gut!
    As for the man interaction, this Tuesday is the day I broach the subject with him. I only see him every other Tuesday, so I think that'll give me the "reason" to ask him out to tea or coffee. I don't mind sharing at all! Once it is done, for ill or good, you will all know. *^_^*

  5. I say take the trip! Why wait? You want to go, you have the go for it! Yay!


  6. I don't really have the opportunity to go to IRL right now. Really, it's the con that is most feasible. A UK trip will be something for which I'll need to save. But the closer that con gets, the harder it is going to be to resist! Heh!


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