Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cherish them and Give Thanks.

"I wish there was a spell to stop time." These are the words of a coworker stressed out by pet problems, family problems and holidays. She went on to explain that, were time to stop and stay as is was yesterday (a la Groundhog Day), her troubles would disappear. The impending death of one of her rats would never come a day nearer. Her sister, of whom I have heard many horror stories (of which I believe not-a-one; this girl has a strong tendency for lying) would never arrive on Thanksgiving for a week's stay. All calm in her life would not fly out of the window. These were her reasons for stopping time.
I can think of many other spectacular reasons for the removal of clocks, forming wrinkles and deadlines!
Raking one of the paddocks, I mused on her comment. Even if crippling Father Time were a feasible action, who would be so bold as to undertake the deed? Oh, manipulation magick! Once more your rear your unsightly, yet enticing form! As a child, there were many unfavorable moments that I would never care to keep day after day. However, those days when Auntie was telling me her spontaneous faerie tales, or our lovely visits to Grandma and Grandpa's home; those are the days I'd wish could last forever. Keeping my grandmother in brain function before Alzheimer's began creeping in unsuspectedly. Riding bikes with my best friend for a week in the summer of '96. Camping with Auntie, Uncle and sisters. The list goes on.
But what would I sacrifice? The Balance of the Universe would be thrown from its scale. Magic cannot be born of nothingness. As one takes, one must give. My own short stories would never be. Though I love my grandparents dearly, how tired they would be trying to keep us happy. And how much less we would appreciate those moments were they to live forever. Though the disease would never progress, neither would science and the possible cure of Alzheimer's. My dear friend would never become the dedicated teacher she is now, nor see her wedding day. A nice warm shower in a clean bathroom after camping for three days straight, anyone?
What would become of the future Universe? Of parallel Universes? Of the past? Surely the past would be changed somehow. If we could figure out a way to stop time, what would stop us from inventing time machines? I digress.
We all experience heartaches in the forms of loved ones' passings, losing jobs, leaving friends/loved ones behind in search of our futures, etc. We can all atest to familial annoyances, and don't you dare deny it. Calm is lovely, but only when you have had craziness with which to compare the silence. So much would be lost in our selfish wish to keep all as it is. What better day to take inventory of the aspects of our lives that we have and love, as well as those that may not be so happy at the time, but in the long run make us who we are meant to be? Make us strong, healthy, compassionate, kind, patient, understanding, empathetic, giving and older, among many other things. Today, Thanksgiving Day, think on and remember those that have gone before us to give us what we have today. Pay them the respect and love that are due them and recall the happinesses you once shared. Then, bring back your inventory of what you have now. Things can be hard. Life is difficult sometimes. Give thanks for the person you have become and the journey which you travel to become who you are meant to be.
I am thankful for, in no particular order:
~My Family. Things get stressful, even angry sometimes, but I would be lost without them.
~My Friends. No matter how long the silence between communications, we are always able to pick up where we left off, wiser and no worse for the wear.
~My Job. Past experiences have brought me to the happiness, albeit hardwork I live everyday. My worst day at the farm is better than my best day at any other job I've ever had!
~My Witch Cottage. I used to think on how my perfect little magickal cottage would be. Where I live now is not exactly as I had imagined, but I have the freedom to do as I will without the burden of land taxes or many other concerns a homeowner would have.
~My Path. Never have I had such peace in spirituality as I have found these twelve years past.
~The Earth. No other planet holds such incredible, living, breathing beauty as our green and blue Mother.
~The Ability to Learn and the Option to Continue Education. I think that this one is pretty self-explanitory. I'd like to add to this: the availabilty of potable water; the option (which may be severly hacked away, soon) to take care of my body as I, and only I see fit; abundant food and warmth. Many countries lack these seemingly simple, yet immensely important items and issues. People and animals suffer everyday in life or death struggles to reach these things we, in this country, so readily dismiss. Cherish them and Give Thanks.
(I will be posting yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's birthday info tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience.)
Happy Thankgiving, all!

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!



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