Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So...I need a little advice.

Um, not Pagan related...yet.
*Blushes and grinds toe into ground bashfully* So, there's this guy I like.
He works somewhere I go often, and that is the only place I've seen him or talked to him. I didn't noticed a ring, but that's not always accurate. We laugh together, smile, I probably blush, we joke, etc. The problem is, I only see him every other week and it's only when he's working. Since I don't really see him outside of his job, I've never approached him about "hanging out sometime." I don't want to trap him either by broaching the subject while he's at work. We've been chit-chatting over the counter for about three months, now, I'd say. I don't know how to tell if he might be into me, too. I don't want to step on any toes. I haven't dated anyone for about two and a half years, now, and the last guy I dated was an old friend from high school who feelings were obviously mutual. I have no clue.
If you have any input, it would be appreciated. This is a place I have to visit all of the time, so I don't want to make it awkward for anyone involved, but I really think we could make a good couple...or at least we could have some fun dates and become good friends out of it.

Thanks! *^_^*


  1. Well I'm of the opinion that if you feel there may be potential there, you should go ahead and ask him if he'd maybe like to "hang out" sometime. It's funny when it comes to matters of the heart that we are always so nervous about the other's reaction that we are often paralyzed into inaction, only to find that once we DO get up the gumption to ask, the other person does in fact feel the same way too. So I say go for it, as you will never know either way if you don't.

  2. That is SO the answer I wanted!!! I'm taking as many opinions as I can first, though. Ah! To feel like I'm in high school again. Many, many thanks Rayden. *^_^*

  3. I agree with Rayden.
    Just pretend like the he's a friend...and not a potential romantic interest. You're never nervous about asking girlfriends out, right?

    And if you're nonchalant about it...he will be too. I say go for it!

    Good luck!

  4. I'm in agreement withthe other ladies here. Not to sound all 'I'm all that', but guys (customers) often flirt with me at work, and I usually shrug it off as playful banter. But there has been the occasional silly boy who does not (or decides not to) see MY ring and has asked me out. Those guys still come in, and it's not really that awkward.
    That said, what's the harm in saying 'hey, you seem like a fun guy and I get bored not having any fun guys to hang out with as of late...do you like to [see movies, have coffee, whatever it is you think he might like]?' Go with Bridgett...act as if you are just asking a friend to hang out and then one thing will lead to another, if that is the way it goes. You should also keep in mind...if you are only in contact with this guy as a customer, he may not be who you think him to be outside of work. Knowing that you may potentially not be that into him for more than a friend, in the end, may help you realize 'do you wanna hang out sometime?' is just a friendly gesture.

    not sure any of that actually made sense, so...I say go for it!

  5. Everyone is giving you great advice but instead of giving the generic "hanging out sometime" approach, give something more particular. Ask him he would like to grab some coffee sometime. It is a very non-committal approach without being vague.

    Good Luck!!

  6. I don't know what these people are talking about! You need to go in there in an evening gown, cigarette holder in gloved hand, made-up to the 9's and demand that he take you a fine dinner of steak and lobster that instant or you will have him fed to the hounds!!

    J/K, I concur with everyone else.

  7. Wow! Jen, Anastasia and Curtis! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Actually, I went in today to update my customer info and to ask if he'd like to get coffee sometime, and then realized that it's Veteran's Day. *U_U* I was so pumped up to do it that I wasn't really thinking. Ho hum. Guess it'll have to be tomorrow, then. I'm just hoping that he actually works tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
    By the way, Curtis, if I had hounds, that wouldn't be out of the question. Haha!


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