Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Auntie, whose birthday is today, held a lovely tea party yesterday in the late afternoon into the evening. Great fun was had by all, and I look forward to our family events getting back on track now that all of our other family stuff has been somewhat put to rest!
So, Auntie (and anyone else who may be celebrating today), Happy Birthday!!! For you, I wish only for deep happiness and love, the best day ever (so far for you, of course) and the most gorgeous weather you can imagine on your birthday.

(Anything in quotes is taken directly, word-for-word from the book)

November 2
Sapphire ("may help you find forgiveness from those you've wronged")
Flower: Mountain Ash (prudent in business)
Astral Color: Black (protection, birth and beginnings)
Color Need: Red (gives energy and stamina)
Apparel Color: Tan (for balance and harmony)
Fragrance: Cinnabar or other Mediterranean/Orient scents (for unpredictability)
Tree: Maple ("great stability and flashes of intuition")
Pipe organ, cymbal or drum
Composers: Handel and Bach
Bird: Cockoo ("a good flyer, and very seldom a quitter. Some cuckoos tend to think they favor lonely isolation, but what they really yearn for is a family relationship.")
Symbol: Cross (self-sacrifice/reconciliation)
Health Scent: Apple (full of energy, encourages creativity, intuition and positivity)
Favorable Foods: Barley, buttermilk, cranberries, fresh oysters and mushrooms
Lucky #: 2 and 4
Best Months: January and July
Best Weekday: Tuesday
Best Month Days: 2, 11, 20
Lucky Charm: "Two 50-cent pieces. Give someone else one of them."
Compatible Signs: Cancer and Pisces

***All information was taken from "The Hidden World of Birthdays" by Judith Turner.


  1. "and I look forward to our family events getting back on track now that all of our other family stuff has been somewhat put to rest!"

    I already wished her a Happy Birthday. :-))))

    Not knowing what the above [copied from your post] means... But I certainly hope all will be back on track. And hope that whatever the "other stuff" is, will be completely put to rest.

    In other words, I want everything to be calm and smooth and peaceful for you.


  2. Oh, Aunt Amelia! Ever the dearheart! Thank you. *^_^*

  3. Can't wait to get the info for my birthday...but it's not until December! LOL


  4. Haha! If you want to know what color to wear, let me know and maybe I'll leak a little information for the (future) birthday gal. *~_^*


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