Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Morning *^_^*

Happy birthday!

November 10
Gem: Agate (health, long life)
Flower: Lotus (expressive)
Astral Color: Black (protection, birth, beginnings)
Color Need: Red (energy, stamina)
Apparel Color: Wine (energy)
Fragrance: Cinnabar or Mediterranean/Orient (passion, unpredictability)
Tree: Walnut ("unusually helpful and always looking for constant changes in your life.")
Instrument: Clarinet, flute, French horn, oboe, organ, piano, piccolo
Composer: Bohm
Bird: Bird of Paradise ("You will shine and love extraordinary circumstances.")
Symbol: Crown (dignified)
Health Scent: Strawberry (self-esteem, love)
Favorable Foods: Barley, beef, blackberries, celery, eggs
Lucky #: 2, 4
Best Month: January, July
Best Weekday: Tuesday
Best Month Day: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: "A new penny in your shoe."
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces


  1. wow thats a LOT of info, love it!

  2. Post them everyday. October 31, 2010 will be the last one! Enjoy!


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