Sunday, November 22, 2009

That's why I love all of you! *^_^*

Tomorrow, I go to the dentist. I'm moderately excited. You see, this is the first dental appointment I've made for myself. Ever. The last one I had was in high school and was arranged by my mother. It was a botched repair, so, among the many other problems I'm hoping to gradually have fixed, that tooth is on my list of "Just Pull It Out!" Luckily, that's the only one on that list. I have other small cavities that are lightly visible to the naked eye. No clue how deep they run. Here's hoping everything can be fixed with a cleaning and a few, small fillings! *^_^*

I need to begin thinking about and researching my Yule Festivities. As the Solstice falls on a Monday this year, and my schedule was changed so that I have Mondays and Tuesdays off beginning next week, I can plan to party into the night! Of course, I'll probably be spending Yule at Anam Cara's Sanctuary as we do every big celebration (except Samhain.) This, however, means that we won't be partying deep into the night together because, well, let's face it, neither one of us are night owls. In fact, she is an early morning, rise-before-the-sun kinda gal, and I'm a rise when the sun hits my eyes creature of day. Even if there is no big party that night, the first full day of Winter will be wide open for great possibility! You see, now, why I must begin planning within the next few days? I am quite certain that every last one of you understands this fully and have already begun your own preparations and planning!
That's why I love all of you! *^_^*

Happy Birthday! If you have been reading these all along, read carefully today, as there has been a zodiacal shift! Have fun with it!

November 22
Gem: Emerald (love luck)
Flower: Gourd ("You tend to not be happy unless you have an overabundance of what you want.")
Astral Color: Red ("passion, power, excitement, strength")
Color Need: Violet (empathy)
Apparel Color: Purple ("reflects your giving personality," luck)
Fragrance: "You need to be bathed in exotic scents that will give your imagination room to roam. Experiment with imported incense and tinctures to show the world what a spirited individual you are."
Tree: Cherry ("constant new emotional awakenings")
Instrument: Bass, clarinet
Composer: Hayden, Wagner
Bird: Robin (social, friendly, adaptable, takes what it wants)
Symbol: Star ("You are full of inner brightness and stand out in any crowd. You will be seen as special.")
Health Scent: Vanilla (clean, stable)
Favorable Foods: Asparagus, buttermilk, cranberries, oats, salmon
Lucky #: 5, 7
Best Month: February, June
Best Weekday: Thursday
Best Month Day: 4, 13, 22
Lucky Charm: "A piece of material cut from something in your home."
Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

*Reminder/Disclaimer: All information shared in the daily Happy Birthday posts is paraphrased
or taken directly (all items in quotes) from Judith Turner's book "The Secret World of Birthdays."
I do not own the info (I have my own copy of the book, but I do not claim any rights or ownership
of the information shared.) All of this is merely for the fun of sharing and the knowledge of any
astrological witches that may be reading. Thank you. *^_^*


  1. Congratulations to you, on making the dental appointment!!!

  2. Good luck at the dentist!


  3. is your appointment at 2:30???


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