Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, Universe! You big jokster, you!

As you all know, I have my eye on a certain fella. Cute; good height; great smile; piercing, dark eyes; fashionable; similar sense of humor as moi; organized; single; etc. I psych myself up time and again to ask this guy out. However, no matter how much confidence I may muster, Madam Universe tells me, "It's just not time. Wait another two weeks, and I'll let you know then." Well, I'm finally heeding her suggestions and taking it down a notch or two. The next time I see him, I shall simply continue our small talk, but slip in questions about who he is, what he likes to do and so on. Maybe in a month or so I'll have everything in order so that the Universe thinks it right and proper to go ahead and make some sort of plans. Perhaps she's only stopping me because he has plans to ask me out instead. She does know how much I love a good romance.

"Why," you may be wondering, "didn't you ask him today, Renee?" Well, darling reader, that is because he was not even there today. *Sigh* Oh, Universe, you silly, silly girl!

Happy Birthday!
November 24
Gem: Topaz (loyalty in friendship)
Flower: Dark Geranium ("Allow yourself more freedom, when you yearn for it.")
Astral Color: Red ("passion, power, excitement, strength")
Color Need: Violet (empathy)
Apparel Color: Green (overcoming obstacles)
Fragrance: "You need to be bathed in exotic scents that will give your imagination room to roam. Experiment with imported incense and tinctures to show the world what a spirited individual you are."
Tree: Palm (health, creativity)
Instrument: Tambourine, lyre
Composer: Schubert
Bird: Goldfinch (individuality, gentle, "shy in unsettled weather.")
Symbol: Crescent ("You are more likely to be influenced by the phases of the moon. Your easygoing manner leads you to peaceful situations.")
Health Scent: Orange Blossom (balance of all your worlds)
Favorable Foods: Almonds, apples, caraway seeds, chicken, savory
Lucky #: 5, 7
Best Month: February, June
Best Weekday: Thursday
Best Month Day: 6, 15, 24
Lucky Charm: "A religious token or card from any religion."
Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

*Reminder/Disclaimer: All information shared in the daily Happy Birthday posts is paraphrased
or taken directly (all items in quotes) from Judith Turner's book "The Secret World of Birthdays."
I do not own the info (I have my own copy of the book, but I do not claim any rights or ownership
of the information shared.) All of this is merely for the fun of sharing and the knowledge of any
astrological witches that may be reading. Thank you. *^_^*


  1. Thank you for the update!!! ^_^

    And Happy Thanksgiving!
    Aunt Amelia

  2. I've been waiting for an update about that particular topic! :) Thanks!



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