Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wow! Nearly Half-Way Through November!

Happy Birthday!

November 11
Gem: Sapphire ("forgiveness from those you've wronged")
Flower: Lotus Tree ("blessings of effortless agreement between you and your friends")
Astral Color: Black (protection, birth, beginnings)
Color Need: Red (energy, stamina)
Apparel Color: Tan (balance, harmony)
Fragrance: Cinnabar or Mediterranean/Orient (passion, unpredictability)
Tree: Maple (stability, intuition)
Instrument: Cymbal, drum, pipe organ
Composer: Handel, Bach
Bird: Stork (intelligent, misunderstood, pleasant)
Symbol: Cross ("self-sacrifice and reconciliation")
Health Scent: Raspberry (universal harmony)
Favorable Foods: Barley, buttermilk, dandelion, cranberries, chicken
Lucky #: 2, 4
Best Month: January, July
Best Weekday: Tuesday
Best Month Day: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: "Two 50-cent pieces. Give someone else one of them."
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces

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