Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode to a Drizzley Cape Day

Well, not really an ode. More of a mild appreciation. Little, dear Witch Cottage shows me the wonder of staying inside, but, though the morning clouds threatened the light rain that began around ten, the Dying Cape Fall beckoned me to stay out and about all day. My dental appointment went better than I had thought it would. Though I am told that four fillings are in order, the greatest push the Dentist made was for five teeth to be pulled. Now, before your mind conjures images of me with a mop of ratty, redneck hair and a gummy grin stretched from ear to ear, let me clear this up. Four of those teeth are my "wisdom teeth." They cause me no discomfort whatsoever, yet, since they are "crowding the back of my mouth" (as the Dentist put it), he suggested having them pulled to avoid any future problems. The fifth tooth, pain in the bum as it's been since 2001, is the sad remains of a botched, partial root canal. He apologized that he didn't think that there would be any success in saving it. I replied, "Oh! That's fine! I was going to ask that it be pulled, anyway!" Problem solved. I also have my first cleaning since...
Oh, gee! I'm not sure when! Now that my teeth are my responsibility (well, have been since I turned 18, but I'm a grand procrastinator), great care will be taken to prevent any horrendous damage. I'm looking forward to the cleaning, where the hygienist will teach me proper flossing technique, that I may take the best care in reducing future problems!
After the visit, I took my dad grocery shopping and off to the farm to finally show him where I work, introduce him to a few colleges and pet the animals I care for five days out of the week. He definitely enjoyed that! And I'm glad to have been able to give him that little bit of joy and reminiscence of his formative years. When I took him home, he had two oil lamps, three long wicks and about a half of a bottle of lamp oil for me! Yea! I light Witch Cottage with oil lamps and candles whenever possible. I only use my electrical lights when I'm getting ready for bed. That may change now that I have a little more oil. *^_^* In fact, I type all of my evening entries by lamp and candle light. I love it! The two lamps he gave me were from my childhood. Granted, my parents probably acquired them long before I was born. However, they were what we used whenever the tornado warnings got so threatening that the power was knocked out when we lived in Michigan. Also, we had to use them for light during three days (I think, it may have been four) in the winter of 1997. It was the second winter here on the Cape and the power was out for a while! Of course, it just had to be during Christmas vacation, so we didn't have any extra snow days. *U_U* We were really lucky, though, to have a fireplace; something we didn't have in our home in Bad Axe. I digress. They shall be cleaned up, filled when I have more oil and happily introduced into my evening routine.
From Dad's, I met up with Youngest older Sis in town, later met with Auntie, and enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at the Common Ground. I just LOVE their "Prince Wrap!" Their tofu is always so meaty and juicy! Yum! *^_^* After a bit of hanging out around town, we all realized our exhaustion and heading home. The winter Holidays are coming, so we'll all be seeing more and more of each other.

Happy Birthday!
November 23
Gem: Sardius ("unusual insights into (your) own heart")
Flower: Fuchsia ("good taste in style and your surroundings")
Astral Color: Red ("passion, power, excitement, strength")
Color Need: Violet (empathy)
Apparel Color: Green (overcoming obstacles)
Fragrance: "You need to be bathed in exotic scents that will give your imagination room to roam. Experiment with imported incense and tinctures to show the world what a spirited individual you are."
Tree: Apple (creative, joyful, magical, happy)
Instrument: Viola, trumpet
Composer: Liszt
Bird: Flamingo (beautiful, wary of enemies, caretaker, peacekeeper/joy-maker)
Symbol: Triangle (balance of skills and abilities)
Health Scent: Peach ("This scent may balance your good qualities so that they equal your charm.")
Favorable Foods: Cabbage, chicken, oranges, pecans, rice
Lucky #: 5, 7
Best Month: February, June
Best Weekday: Thursday
Best Month Day: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: "A rabbit's foot or a white candle."
Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

*Reminder/Disclaimer: All information shared in the daily Happy Birthday posts is paraphrased or taken directly (all items in quotes) from Judith Turner's book "The Secret World of Birthdays." I do not own the info (I have my own copy of the book, but I do not claim any rights or ownership of the information shared.) All of this is merely for the fun of sharing and the knowledge of any astrological witches that may be reading. Thank you. *^_^*


  1. Ah, yes! I feel that I must add this one last bit about a small convo between the assistant and myself. My x-ray set consisted of 18 pictures. That means 18 times I had to "open up, bite down and wait for the picture." At one point, she had me open again beacue it wasn't quite right. Then she realized that my tongue was in the way. So, as she's taking this piece of plastic wrapped in a guard with sharp seams and pushing my tongue aside, I laughed. It was funny to me that my tongue had a mind of its own and just kept pushing back. She told me that she was glad I was laughing. I told her that "I can do one of two things. Laugh and go along with it, because it's gotta happen one way or the other. Or fight it and just make it harder on the both of us." We laughed and she decided that I had the right attitude and that she's going to tell the rest of her patients that that's the way they should think of it. Hell! It all goes by faster and smoother if you simply go with the flow!
    That was all. *^_^*

  2. i'll have to find out the cost of all this from you as i have been given the number to the office where one of my customers works and have been financially un-inclined to call, as of yet. I haven't been since my braces came off my senior year of high school, but i DID have therapy to control my tounge so that shouldn't be a problem for x-rays :) maybe i'll just have them done at work!!

  3. Thank you, but I was given an itemized list of work with prices (before and after insurance.) Hey, think of it this way, getting your visit while at work is like when your windshield is cracked, and they fix it in your parking lot during hours, right? *^_^*

  4. I've had my wisdom teeth pulled. It's not so bad. :) Sounds like you had a busy, but productive day. And yay for the new oil and lamps. :D

    Oh, btw, those things they put in your mouth for x-rays GAG the crap out of me LOL


  5. Haha! Bridgett, those x-ray chips jabbed me more than gagged me! Heh! I'm actually looking forward to having it all done. Just to get it done, you know?


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