Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

Thank you, everyone for your well-wishes! They've helped tremendously! I now feel as if I can function without wanting to take a nap all day long. Haha! My nose is still being a tiny bit stubborn, but that will pass quickly and easily, now. So, again, thank you all!
Totally not witchy, but can I just express my excitement for the upcoming Anime Boston Convention (on Easter weekend)? I'm already planning out outfits and have a hotel picked out. I just need to make sure I've got friends with me this time, as it is that much more fun with my closest friends to enjoy it with me. (Especially my sis. She doesn't know what she's getting into when we go to things like that, as she's not as into anime/manga as her boyfriend and me, but she's a trooper and a grand seamstress! I think she has as much fun as I do, just different fun, is all.) Okay, that's all! *~_^*

Happy Birthday!!! *^_^*

November 8
Gem: Chrysolite (banishes sadness and worry)
Flower: Lupine (imagination)
Astral Color: Black (protection, birth, beginnings)
Color Need: Red (energy, stamina)
Apparel Color: Tan (balance, harmony)
Fragrance: Cinnabar or Mediterranean/Orient (passion, unpredictability)
Tree: Pine (emotionally/mentally balanced relationships)
Instrument: Cello
Composer: Mozart
Bird: Bobolink (good alone or in a group, romantic, helpful, beautiful and pleasant)
Symbol: Wings (you are your own balance)
Health Scent: Almond ("may revitalize you and open you to greater possibilities")
Favorable Foods: Asparagus, chicken, eggs, rye crisp, strawberries
Lucky #: 2, 4
Best Month: January, July
Best Weekday: Tuesday
Best Month Day: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: "Red ribbon in your wallet or doorway."
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces


  1. Anime convention that would be awesome lol. My halloween costume was a anime like outfit that my friend let me borrow (She had gotten it while she was in Japan). I am not a huge anime fan but I think that the conventions are awesome lol all the out fits and everything.

  2. Thanks Bridgett!
    Aeshe, was your costume a Gothic Lolita, perhaps? As a lover of fashion, I, too think that you would thoroughly enjoy yourself! *^_^*

  3. Glad you're feeling better!

    And Hooray for a fun event, to look forward to.



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